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Shanaya Kapoor Has Been Appointed As The Brand Ambassador of Puma

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Who is the new Brand ambassador of Puma? Well, Shanaya Kapoor, the budding actor, has been appointed as the brand ambassador for PUMA India. Her role goes beyond just representing the brand, she will be the face of PUMA’s athleisure and performance wear, resonating with the aspirations of the next generation. This strategic move is aimed at fostering a deeper connection with Gen Z consumers, embracing their energy and style. PUMA’s commitment to engaging with youth culture gets a significant boost with this exciting partnership.

Shanaya Kapoor as the Brand Ambassador of Puma

The collaboration between Shanaya Kapoor and PUMA is a perfect match to target the Gen Z audience, as both Shanaya and PUMA have strong Gen Z characteristics. Shanaya, being a budding actor with a massive social media presence, embodies the youthfulness, trendiness, and relatability that Gen Z values.

With Shanaya as the face of PUMA, the brand effectively bridges the gap between its products and Gen Z consumers. PUMA’s athleisure and performance wear align perfectly with the active lifestyle and fashion-conscious mindset that Gen Z represents. Shanaya’s influence and appeal among her peers in the same demographic make her an ideal ambassador to convey PUMA’s message to this specific audience.

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Through this collaboration, PUMA not only gains visibility among Gen Z but also demonstrates its commitment to staying relevant and in touch with the ever-evolving youth culture. Shanaya, as a Gen Z representative, brings authenticity and credibility to the brand, making the connection with the younger generation even stronger. This partnership showcases PUMA’s dedication to understanding and catering to the preferences and aspirations of Gen Z, solidifying its position as a top choice for youth-driven fashion and performance wear.

Shanaya Gen Z Impact

Shanaya Kapoor’s impact on Gen Z is poised to be significant. With her involvement in multiple film projects and her OTT debut, she’s gaining visibility and recognition among her peers. Her decision to collaborate with Puma and join Snapchat further amplifies her reach, creating a direct and unfiltered connection with her Gen Z fan base.

Shanaya Kapoor Has Been Appointed As The Brand Ambassador of Puma
Source: Shanaya Kapoor

Shanaya’s 1.8 million followers on Instagram alone demonstrate her influence. In the modern digital landscape, Gen Z values authenticity, relatability, and real-time engagement. Through Snapchat, she’ll provide exclusive behind-the-scenes content, showcasing her life and her association with Puma. This approach aligns perfectly with Gen Z’s desire for genuine interactions and a sense of connection with their favorite personalities.

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Additionally, the statistic from Bain & Company’s E-Retail report highlights the prominence of Gen Z in online shopping. This demographic wields considerable purchasing power and is shaping the future of consumer behavior.

What Do Experts Have To Say About This Collab?

Commenting on the occasion, Shanaya Kapoor said, “I have always been a daredevil. I regularly play basketball and now dabbling in tennis and badminton. I am excited to show this side of me through my association with PUMA. I feel so happy that PUMA appreciated me for who I am.” 

“I love PUMA’s sport style vibe. As an active person, I find it extremely important to feel comfortable yet fashion-forward. I have so many ideas for projects and campaigns that I’ll be taking part in and will bring them to life with my PUMA family this year.”

Commenting on the association, Shreya Sachdev, Head of Marketing at PUMA India, said, “Gen Z are digital natives. Their influences on entertainment, shopping, education, fitness, food, and wellbeing are shaped and cultured differently. This cohort requires a distinct language of expression. As a brand, PUMA looks forward to connecting authentically with them through our association with Shanaya.” 


In conclusion, Shanaya Kapoor’s collaboration with PUMA marks an exciting chapter in both her career and the brand’s ongoing efforts to connect with the vibrant Gen Z audience. With her promising debut in Indian cinema and her OTT venture, Shanaya is becoming a familiar face in the entertainment world. Her active engagement on social media platforms like Instagram and her decision to join Snapchat demonstrates her commitment to reaching out to her fans, sharing her life, and showcasing her partnership with PUMA.

As she steps into her role as PUMA’s brand ambassador, Shanaya joins an impressive roster of fellow ambassadors, including iconic figures like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Anushka Sharma, sports stars Harmanpreet Kaur, MC Mary Kom, and shooting sensation Avani Lekhara. This illustrious lineup underlines PUMA’s dedication to representing diversity, strength, and individuality, with each ambassador adding their unique touch to the brand’s narrative.

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