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Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Appoints SRK As Brand Ambassador

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In a delightful turn of events, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies has brought in the famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, also known as SRK, to be their brand ambassador. This exciting news has been eagerly awaited, and the campaign called ‘HarDilKiFantasy’ has captured everyone’s attention.

A Sweet Blend: Sunfeast Dark Fantasy and SRK in the Hearts of People

The campaign cleverly mixes the irresistible taste of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy cookies with the magnetic personality of SRK. This combo is meant to make a special place for itself in people’s hearts, no matter who they are. The campaign includes a bunch of short films featuring SRK that tell a heartwarming story about both the cookies and SRK becoming dear to everyone.

A Dreamy Salon Tale: SRK as a Personal Stylist

One of these films takes place in a salon. A lady is getting more and more annoyed because her appointment is running late. While she waits, she treats herself to a Sunfeast Dark Fantasy cookie. Suddenly, a wonderful daydream begins – in her mind, SRK appears as her own stylist! It’s a lovely fantasy, but it ends as soon as she finishes the last bite of her cookie.

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The Exciting Lead-Up: Hints and Teasers

The news about SRK joining hands with Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has been a long-awaited surprise. The brand teased their fans with short videos that got everyone curious and excited. They kept the real advertisement a secret until they were ready to show it to the world. Interestingly, SRK has been connected with the Sunfeast brand before – he was the face of ‘Sunfeast’ biscuits by ITC, which adds a nice touch of nostalgia to this new partnership.

Buzz on Social Media: Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Pre-Campaign Fun

This exciting collaboration didn’t stop at just TV and videos. Popular Instagram pages like Manav Manglani and Viral Bhayani played a part in getting people excited before the official campaign began. They shared teaser clips and short videos, making everyone even more curious.

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Wrapping up: The ‘HarDilKiFantasy’ Connection

In a world where great taste meets the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies and SRK have come together to create something really special. The ‘HarDilKiFantasy’ campaign doesn’t just make your taste buds happy – it also warms your heart. This exciting partnership celebrates the delicious cookies and the charm of Bollywood’s favorite star, SRK, all in one package.

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