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Air India Introduces Its New Logo and New Livery

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Air India, India’s oldest airline with a rich history, is set to embark on a new chapter of transformation. Backed by the Tata Group, Air India recently revealed its revamped logo, branding, and plane livery in a vibrant ceremony held in New Delhi. This rebranding effort is a significant step toward revitalizing the airline’s image and enhancing its global presence.

Air India Introduces Its New Logo and New Livery

The centerpiece of Air India’s reimagined identity is its new logo, aptly named “The Vista.” This logo draws inspiration from the iconic Indian window shape that has been historically associated with the airline. However, the new logo takes a creative twist, transforming the window shape into a gleaming gold window frame.

This frame symbolizes a “Window of Possibilities,” signifying boundless opportunities, progressiveness, and the airline’s confident outlook for the future. The gold hue represents the airline’s aspiration to achieve greatness and stand out on the global stage.

A Bold Aircraft Livery

Gone are the days of the red arched window accents. Air India’s aircraft livery has undergone a sleek transformation, featuring a palette of deep red, aubergine, and gold highlights. The tail fin of the planes is now adorned with a harmonious blend of gold, red, and purple hues, exuding elegance and modernity. The underbelly proudly displays the airline’s name in bold red and gold letters, further enhancing its visual appeal.

Design Elements and Typography of the New Air India Logo

The rebranding effort extends beyond the logo and livery. Air India’s design system incorporates a chakra-inspired pattern, paying homage to India’s rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, Air India has introduced a new custom-made font named “Air India Sans”. The font is skillfully striking a balance between confidence and warmth. This font embodies the airline’s values of being premium, inclusive, and accessible to passengers from diverse backgrounds.

Tata Group onboarded FutureBrand, a London-based design consultancy that is a part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG), to reconfigure Air India’s identity. The partnership of Tata Group and FutureBrand has resulted in a contemporary yet rooted visual identity that positions Air India as a confident and vibrant airline ready to serve a global audience.

Tasneem Ali, CEO of FutureBrand created the new logo. On the day the new logo was revealed, she said that is “modern but along with that it also comes with the heritage.”

Speaking to the agencies, Tasneem said, “So when we were re-imagining the brand, we actually looked at elements within the Air India brand world and had a new interpretation of it. The window which has always been on the plane, on the outside, and inside menu card, the iconic Air India window which has been an enduring design symbol with the thing, we took that and re-imagined it.”

“The whole point of the exercise was to create something that is authentically and identifiably Indian, but presented in a very contemporary world-class manner,” she added.

On the previous famous ‘Maharaja’ logo, Tasneem said, “We have defined a role for the Maharaja, given him a relevant place. He’s very much there…just like even in the original idea of Maharaja, he was not a part of the logo. He was in the advertising, not the logo. Unfortunately, he crept into the brand identity later but it was never supposed to be like that. So we have defined a significant place for him.”

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When can people experience the new logo?

Travelers can anticipate experiencing the new logo and branding starting from December 2023. The debut will coincide with the introduction of Air India’s first A350 aircraft in the updated livery. This signifies a new era for the airline as it takes flight with its transformed image.

Tata’s Vision and AI Integration

Since taking over Air India in January 2022, Tata Group’s chairman, N Chandrasekaran, has emphasized the limitless possibilities that the new logo represents. He envisions a resurgent Air India that embraces the best of technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. These advancements are expected to enhance the passenger experience, streamline operations, and position Air India as a serious contender in both the Indian and international aviation markets.

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Embracing Tradition and Progress

Campbell Wilson, Air India CEO & MD, said: “Our transformative new brand reflects an ambition to make Air India a world-class airline serving guests from around the globe, and that represents a new India proudly on the global stage.”

“The new Air India is bold, confident, and vibrant, but also warm and deeply rooted to its rich history and traditions that make Indian hospitality a global benchmark for standards in service,” he added.

Air India Introduces Its New Logo and New Livery
Air India’s CEO and MD, Campbell Wilson, took center stage during the grand unveiling of the airline’s fresh logo and the captivating livery colors in the heart of New Delhi. (Image courtesy: Anil Sharma for Express)

He also said that the iconic ‘Maharaja’ mascot, synonymous with Air India’s legacy, will continue to be a part of the airline’s journey into the future.


Air India’s unveiling of its new logo, branding, and aircraft livery marks a significant step in its transformation journey under the Tata Group’s guidance. The merger of tradition and modernity, as well as the integration of cutting-edge technology, positions the airline for success in a competitive aviation landscape. As passengers embark on their journeys with Air India, they will be greeted by an identity that encapsulates limitless possibilities and a resolute commitment to excellence.

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