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Lux Industries signs up Jacqueline Fernandez as brand ambassador for Lux Cozi

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Lux Industries has taken a bold step towards breaking gender stereotypes by signing up Jacqueline Fernandez as their brand ambassador for their men’s innerwear brand, Lux Cozi. This is the first time in India that a men’s innerwear brand has roped in a woman celebrity as their ambassador.

Jacqueline announces the news on Instagram.

Lux Industries has launched a TVC campaign called ‘Yeh Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi’ which has been created by Yellow Beetle Films and directed by Gauri Shinde and produced by
@hopeprodn. The TVC starts with Jacqueline sorting the clothes of her partner in a bedroom. As she finds his vest, she begins to think of him fondly and starts to dance with it, filled with joy. As the doorbell rings, she gives a knowing smile and goes to open the door. In the background, we see Jacqueline standing with the man as the Lux Cozi tagline appears.

Deven Munjal, Yellow Beetle Films, said, “While we wanted the ad to be personal and playful in accordance with the story, the biggest challenge was creating a clutter-breaking campaign with Jacqueline being featured in the men’s innerwear category. Many women in our country shop for innerwear for the men in their households and that inspired us to build in the narrative & write the story. The pairing with Jacqueline at the helm is ideal and we had a great time in creating and writing this. We anticipate that everyone will enjoy watching the TVC as much as enjoyed making it.”

The move is expected to appeal to the target audience and capture their attention, while also strengthening the brand’s connection with them. Ashok Kumar Todi, the Chairman of Lux Industries, stated, “This is the first time, a men’s hosiery brand has engaged with a women celebrity for promoting its products. As an innovative & consumer-driven brand, we have always tried to meet the consumer demand by choosing our main protagonists based on their connection and pull with our target consumers. This time too, it’s no exception. We hope this will take the brand to newer heights and create a deeper connection with its discerning consumers.”

Saket Todi, Executive Director, Lux Industries said, “As a brand, we are known for our innovation in the industry and this time, we wanted to break the old-fashioned gender stereotype through the campaign and highlight how today’s women don’t hesitate in making the first move. Typically, innerwear brands portray conventional male-dominant imagery, but our film depicts a role reversal where we normalize and make the woman to lead. This is probably the first time where a men’s innerwear brand is showing a woman in lead. Our objective is to build a stronger connection with the consumers, and we are certain that this campaign will grab the eyeballs of the general mass.”

It is indeed a great step taken by Lux Industries towards breaking gender stereotypes and making a statement in the innerwear industry. Jacqueline Fernandez is the perfect ambassador for this campaign, being a strong and independent woman herself. Her presence in the ad also helps to make it memorable and appealing to the target audience.

The campaign is a great way to bridge the gap between gender stereotypes and to make people aware of the changes happening in society. It is also a great way to create a deeper connection with the audience and to make them more aware of the brand. The campaign has been well received by the public and is sure to become a hit in the innerwear industry.

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