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Liqvd Asia Secures Marketing Mandate of INFINO

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Devyani Food Industries Ltd (DFIL), a part of the RJ Corp group, has launched INFINO, a premium ice cream brand in INDIA. Collaborating with Liqvd Asia (LA) for comprehensive marketing initiatives, INFINO aims to offer a unique and luxurious ice cream experience to Indian consumers.

A Market Insight

The Indian ice cream market is experiencing a significant shift towards premium preferences among consumers. This shift indicates a growing demand for high-quality and exclusive ice cream choices. INFINO enters the scene, recognizing the changing consumer lifestyles and the desire for global ice cream flavors.

Strategic Collaboration with Liqvd Asia

To spearhead the brand’s marketing initiatives, DFIL joined forces with Liqvd Asia. This collaboration covers creative, digital content, public relations, digital media, and offline media, ensuring a 360-degree marketing strategy. Liqvd Asia’s role in shaping INFINO’s brand narrative has been crucial, involving aspects like the brand film, outdoor advertising, PR, and digital content.

The INFINO Experience

INFINO is not just another ice cream; it is a tempting selection of international flavors available in sticks, cups, and tubs. From the exquisite Choco Hazelnut Marvel to the indulgent Salted Caramel Galaxy, consumers can savor a range of delightful options. The brand has made its debut through Quick Commerce players in key cities and selective availability in Modern Trade outlets, making it conveniently accessible to consumers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

CEO’s Vision for INFINO

Liqvd Asia Secures Marketing Mandate of INFINO

Mr. Sudhir Chavan, CEO of DFIL, expresses his vision for INFINO. He said, “The Indian ice cream market has witnessed a notable shift towards premium preferences among consumers, indicating a growing demand for high-quality and exclusive ice cream market. With changing consumer lifestyles and growing appreciation for high-quality products & desire for global ice cream flavours, our brand INFINO aims to fill a gap in the market for consumers who seek luxurious and extraordinary ice cream experience. Our robust manufacturing capabilities and connected distribution network provides us an edge over our competition. INFINO embodies the perfect balance of craftsmanship, high-quality ingredients, and delectable Flavors. Currently we’ve launched our portfolio with three formats – tubs, sticks and cups and in the future, we will be exploring more in terms of formats, flavours and SKU’s”. 

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Liqvd Asia’s Impact

Liqvd Asia, as the agency partner, played a vital role in shaping INFINO’s brand narrative through a comprehensive 360-degree marketing strategy, covering aspects like the Brand Film, Outdoor, PR, and Digital Content. Spokesperson Monish Sanghavi, Business Head of Liqvd Asia, added, “Partnering with DFIL on the launch of their premium ice-cream brand, INFINO, has been an exciting journey all across. The team at LIQVD Asia was excited to take up the challenge to launch this premium ice-cream brand in an already cluttered ice-cream market. With our go-to-market launch strategy and 360-degree media approach, we made an impact in the market, where we launched our product. Now, we are all set to take this partnership to the next level as the agency responsible for their creative, media and digital mandate, and create work that strengthens the brand image, disrupts the market and grows the segment.” 

Quality and Competitive Pricing

INFINO stands out in the premium ice cream segment by ensuring the highest quality product at a competitive price. The brand is committed to providing unparalleled taste experiences using globally sourced ingredients, setting a new standard in the premium ice cream market.

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Future Outlook

As INFINO makes its mark on the premium ice cream landscape in India, DFIL looks forward to expanding its presence across various geographies and markets. The goal is to establish a distinctive position for itself, catering to the evolving preferences of Indian consumers in the premium ice cream market.


INFINO’s launch signifies a significant step in meeting the growing demand for premium ice creams in India. With a blend of exquisite flavors, high-quality ingredients, and strategic marketing, INFINO is set to redefine the ice cream experience for Indian consumers, establishing itself as a leader in the premium segment. As the brand expands its footprint, the future holds exciting possibilities for both INFINO and Devyani Food Industries Ltd.

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