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KFC launches new campaign ‘Justice for Lunch’

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In KFC’s most recent campaign showcasing the brand’s fresh KFC Lunch Specials, the legendary Colonel Sanders heads a team he affectionately dubs the KFC Lunch Police. Their sole objective: apprehend those who believe skipping lunch is acceptable.

KFC new campaign “Justice for Lunch”

KFC’s freshest campaign introduces the all-new KFC Lunch Specials, featuring the iconic Colonel Sanders at the helm of a squad humorously named the KFC Lunch Police. Tasked with a singular mission—to apprehend those who consider skipping lunch acceptable—the campaign unfolds in an office setting.

In this recently revealed initiative, the KFC Lunch Police make a surprise visit to an office where employees seem engrossed in everything but their midday meals. Colonel Sanders and his team swiftly take action, confiscating phones, closing laptops, shutting files, and even turning off power supplies—all in the pursuit of justice for lunch.

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As confusion spreads among employees trying to make sense of the situation, Colonel Sanders announces that all lunch offenders are now under arrest. To him, engaging in activities other than having lunch during lunchtime constitutes a crime.

The film concludes with a fervent call to action from Colonel Sanders: “Aao Lunch Karein!” (Let’s have lunch!), urging everyone to join the lunch revolution and relish the KFC Lunch Specials. Future campaign films will spotlight diverse situations and reasons people find themselves compelled to skip lunch, from bosses enforcing monotonous lunch routines to college students managing tight budgets.

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This comprehensive campaign will be broadcasted on TV and digital platforms, supported by an extensive 360-degree strategy.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

KFC launches new campaign 'Justice for Lunch'
Aparna Bhawal

Aparna Bhawal, CMO, KFC India & Partner Countries said, “Lunch is often the most compromised meal of the day, because of a myriad of reasons – we’re on the move, or there’s an assignment to finish, a meeting to get to, pocket money running low, or simply because we want more variety for lunch. KFC Lunch Specials is a range of meals combining value and variety and will come to the rescue of those looking for an option that is filling and at the same time gives them good value for money at just INR 149. The new launch is in line with our ambition to expand our core menu through interesting formats to provide unmatched variety and value to our consumers. With the range of options under KFC Lunch Specials, there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether they are existing KFC fans or trying our deliciously crispy menu items for the first time.”

Ritu Sharda, CCO, Ogilvy-North said, “Lunch doesn’t always get the justice it deserves. Sometimes we work at lunchtime, or have working lunches, or skip lunch. We settle for what’s available around us, at the table or in our bags, with convenience towering over love. With KFC Lunch Specials, we wanted to highlight this cultural shift that has slowly crept into our lives. So we created the KFC Lunch Police. Led by Colonel Sanders with a team of undercover lunch agents, who pop out of thin air and catch lunch offenders on the fly. It’s a fun, slightly wacky, and a completely unmissable way to remind people that with KFC Lunch Specials, we are bringing back the adage, lunchtime means lunchtime.” 

KFC launches new campaign 'Justice for Lunch'
Ritu Sharda


In conclusion, KFC’s innovative campaign for the all-new KFC Lunch Specials, led by the charismatic Colonel Sanders and his quirky KFC Lunch Police, not only brings humor to the table but also addresses the prevalent issue of skipping lunch in a compelling manner. The campaign’s clever depiction of lunchtime offenders and their amusing interventions serves as a rallying cry for a lunch revolution. As we eagerly await subsequent films highlighting different lunchtime challenges, let’s heed Colonel Sanders’ call to action, “Aao Lunch Karein!” and indulge in the delightful offerings of the KFC Lunch Specials. This campaign not only promises to entertain but also encourages us all to prioritize the simple joy of sharing a delicious meal during lunchtime.

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