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Schbang Bags The Mandate For IIFL Home Loans

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Schbang, the creative and technology transformation company, bags the mandate for IIFL Home Loans. Following a thorough multi-agency pitch, the agency’s Delhi office will take charge of managing the brand’s digital and social media presence.

Schbang bags the mandate with the company will aim to leverage its creative talent and social media management expertise to amplify the company’s brand visibility, engage with the target audience, and stimulate business growth.

What Is IIFL Home Loans?

IIFL Home Finance Limited is a registered housing finance company in India, regulated by the National Housing Bank (NHB). It operates as a subsidiary of IIFL Finance Limited, a prominent player in the Indian financial services sector. The company was established in 2006 and received its registration certificate from NHB in 2009.

Schbang Bags The Mandate For IIFL Home Loans

Headquartered in Gurgaon, IIFL Home Finance Limited specializes in providing various types of loans related to housing and construction. Its primary offerings include:

  1. Home Loans: Loans for individuals seeking to purchase, construct, or renovate residential properties.
  2. SME Secured Loans: Loans provided to small and medium-sized enterprises for their business and personal financial needs.
  3. Construction Finance Loans: Financial assistance extended to developers engaged in the construction of affordable housing projects.

By offering these services, IIFL Home Finance aims to support individuals, businesses, and developers in fulfilling their housing and construction-related aspirations while complying with regulatory norms set forth by the NHB.

What Role Will Schbang Play for IIFL Home Loans?

Schbang will play a crucial role in enhancing IIFL Home Loans’ brand presence on social media. As the agency responsible for managing the company’s digital and social media activities, Schbang will leverage its creative expertise to create engaging content that resonates with the target audience. The agency’s goal is to convey the essence of IIFL Home Loans, emphasizing the comfort and familiarity of one’s home. Through the onboarding reel, Schbang has already started to showcase the brand’s values, capturing moments that evoke a strong emotional connection with the audience, such as the feeling of home and the sentiment of wanting just a few more minutes in a cozy environment. By utilizing creative storytelling and effective social media strategies, Schbang will drive increased brand visibility, audience engagement, and ultimately contribute to the company’s business growth.

What Do Experts Have To Say About This Partnership?

Adding on the partnership, Madhvi Gupta, Head of Marketing and Social Impact at IIFL Home Finance Ltd., said, “In today’s digital age, an effective online presence is crucial for any business to stay ahead. We are delighted to have Schbang on board as our digital partner. Their deep understanding of the digital landscape and creative approach to brand building aligns perfectly with our vision. We believe this collaboration will significantly enhance our brand equity and enable us to connect with our customers more deeply.

Rohan Hukeri, Executive Vice President of Schbang Delhi, said, “We are excited to have won the mandate for IIFL Home Loans, and we look forward to partnering with them on their digital and social media journey. Our team at Schbang Delhi is committed to leveraging our creative expertise and social media management skills to enhance brand visibility, connect with the target audience, and drive business growth. We understand the significance of having a place to call home, and we are thrilled to contribute to IIFL Home Loans’ mission of solving India’s housing and business problems. We look forward to a successful partnership and positively impacting the industry.”

Schbang Bags The Mandate For IIFL Home Loans
Rohan Hukeri


In conclusion, Schbang’s successful collaboration with IIFL Home Loans marks a significant milestone as the agency takes charge of managing the company’s digital and social media presence. With their creative talent and social media management expertise, Schbang aims to enhance the brand’s visibility, connect with the target audience, and drive business growth. This partnership promises to bring innovative and engaging content, reinforcing the sentiment of home and creating a lasting emotional connection with the audience. As the collaboration unfolds, it is expected to contribute positively to IIFL Home Loans’ overall marketing and business objectives.

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