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Urbanic reveals its new logo and brand identity

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Urbanic reveals its new logo and breathes new life into its brand with a captivating rebranding campaign. The London-based womenswear label introduces an array of exciting changes, including fresh merchandise, an alluring collection, and a revamped app and website interface. Embracing a more inclusive identity, Urbanic proudly presents its new visual identity, complete with the powerful slogan “We are because you are”.

Urbanic reveals its new logo, let’s find out what’s new in it

The new logo and visual identity embrace an inclusive approach with the slogan “We are because you are,” according to the company’s statement. The logo’s typography showcases rounder and softer features with a lowercase typeface, which exudes friendliness and personality, enhancing the brand’s connection with customers.

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The brand’s transition involves letting go of their original black color in favor of a more dynamic and vibrant approach. The new moving logo is now presented in eight different colors, constantly changing to represent the brand’s fresh and dynamic spirit. The exciting rebranding was launched on Urbanic’s social media platforms and their newly revamped website.

This strategic rebranding exercise aims to attract shoppers in the affordable premium clothing sector. Rahul Dayama, Head of Marketing at Urbanic, India, stated that the new identity focuses on creativity and inclusivity while staying true to the brand’s core values. Since its inception in 2019, Urbanic has been offering a diverse range of fashion across 10 categories, and its expansion into three countries—India, Brazil, and Mexico—has proven successful. India is the brand’s first and largest overseas market, followed by Brazil and Mexico, collectively contributing to half of its sales.

With an impressive user base of 20 million on its web and app platforms, Urbanic primarily targets women aged 16 to 30. Moving forward, the brand will refine its focus to target women aged 18 to 35, aligning with its refreshed identity and direction.

New Brand Identiy, New Vision

With a new brand identity and vision, Urbanic is embarking on a D2C (direct-to-consumer) expansion, including the launch of its website in India and a revamp of its app for an improved user experience. Around 90% of Urbanic’s business is generated through its app, and the majority of its shoppers reside in metro and Tier I cities. The brand’s current focus remains on these areas, offering high-quality and trendy styles at fair prices while emphasizing customer lifetime value, as stated by Dayama.

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Although the brand will maintain its presence on ecommerce platforms, no new collections will be launched there. Urbanic’s excitement over its new brand identity, aligning with its core values, reflects a progressive evolution, as expressed by James Wellwood, founding partner at Urbanic.

Addressing a historical concern of late deliveries, Urbanic plans to expand its supply chain team in India to ensure faster and smoother deliveries. Delivery times typically range from 8 to 13 days, depending on the customer’s location, while fast delivery options of 3 to 5 days are also available.

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In the near future, Urbanic plans to host more pop-ups in prime locations to further engage its target market. Additionally, the brand has embraced sustainability by using recycled or biodegradable packaging globally, allowing all outer boxes and inner product materials to be recycled.

A twist of Influencer Marketing

With a funky twist and a dash of sass, Urbanic has unleashed the power of influencer marketing, giving its brand the full-on potential to shine. These stylish trendsetters are strutting their stuff, spreading the Urbanic magic far and wide. From fashion-forward looks to captivating storytelling, these influencers are weaving Urbanic’s new identity into the hearts of fashionistas everywhere. Here are some of them:

What has experts to say about new brand identity

As per the company, this rebranding exercise is an attempt to garner shoppers in the affordable premium clothing sector. “Our new identity focuses on creativity and inclusivity. While more refined, it still embodies the spirit of our deeply rooted original values,” said Rahul Dayama, Head of Marketing at Urbanic, India.

“We are excited to unveil a new brand identity that resonates with our true philosophy and core values. We believe it is a progressive evolution reflecting a broader purpose,” stated James Wellwood, founding partner at Urbanic said in a statement.


In conclusion, Urbanic grand reveals of its new logo marks the beginning of an exciting and transformative journey. With a fresh visual identity and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, the brand is set to conquer the affordable premium clothing sector with vigor and creativity. As Urbanic embarks on its D2C expansion and gears up to launch its website in India, the brand is leaving no stone unturned to provide an exceptional shopping experience to its loyal customers.

As Urbanic’s captivating logo unveils a new vision, the brand embraces a progressive evolution, embodying its true philosophy and core values. The love for fashion and the spirit of creativity shine brightly in every aspect of Urbanic’s rebranding, promising a journey that resonates with fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

So, as we celebrate Urbanic’s brand-new chapter, we invite you to be a part of this stylish revolution.

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