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SUGAR POP Signs Shehnaaz Gill As Brand Ambassador

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SUGAR POP Beauty, the beloved makeup brand of young India, recently announced Bollywood actress Shehnaaz Gill as its first-ever brand ambassador. This partnership aims to establish a SUGAR POP as a beloved choice among fans and also appeal to Gen Alpha and Gen Z audiences in India who are new to cosmetics. It seeks to solidify their position while attracting new customers.

Introducing Shehnaaz Gill as the Face of SUGAR POP

SUGAR POP will unveil Shehnaaz Gill as brand ambassador in a short digital campaign. The campaign will be highlighting the key strengths of high-quality and user-friendly makeup products. The campaign begins with Shehnaaz’s vibrant personality, making an exciting announcement and inviting the audience to become a “POP Star.” The video showcases SUGAR POP’s extensive range of beginner-friendly makeup products through simple step-by-step demonstrations by Shehnaaz. This engaging video blends her spontaneous personality with the brand’s vibrant persona, effectively showcasing the must-have products offered by SUGAR POP.

Shehnaaz Gill’s Enthusiastic Response

Shehnaaz expressed her excitement about collaborating with SUGAR POP. She said, “Collaborating with SUGAR POP is truly a dream come true for me! It’s an incredible opportunity to embark on this journey alongside them, where I can utilize my effervescent charm and contribute to spreading positivity through their amazing range of products. This partnership feels like a perfect match, as if it were destined to be. I wholeheartedly support SUGAR POP’s mission to make high-quality, user-friendly makeup products accessible to young Indian women all across the country. It aligns perfectly with my own beliefs, and I am thrilled to be a part of this initiative that aims to empower and uplift women in every corner of our nation.”

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SUGAR POP’s Rapid Growth as an Omnichannel Brand

Since its establishment in 2020 as a retail-first brand, SUGAR POP Beauty has experienced exceptional growth as an omnichannel brand. Within just 18 months, the brand has established a remarkable presence in over 50,000 retail outlets, catering to Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities. Further, with a diverse portfolio of 30+ ranges and 130+ SKUs across Lips, Eyes, Face, Skin, and Nails, SUGAR POP has successfully captured the attention of Gen Alpha and Gen Z consumers in a short span of time. Today, the brand is widely available across the country, including leading online marketplaces and its own website.

The Future of SUGAR POP with Shehnaaz Gill

The partnership between SUGAR POP and Shehnaaz Gill signifies a new chapter for the brand’s growth and market penetration. With Shehnaaz’s widespread popularity, especially among the younger demographic, SUGAR POP aims to strengthen its connection with Gen Alpha and Gen Z consumers who are just starting their makeup journey. Shehnaaz’s vibrant persona and relatable charm as the brand ambassador will resonate with the target audience, effectively promoting SUGAR POP’s mission to empower young women across India.

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So, the collaboration between SUGAR POP Beauty and Shehnaaz Gill marks an exciting milestone for the brand. With a focus on providing high-quality and user-friendly makeup products, SUGAR POP has gained a loyal customer base in a relatively short period. Also, by partnering with Shehnaaz, the brand is well-positioned to capture the hearts of Gen Alpha and Gen Z consumers across India. This partnership promises new growth opportunities, allowing SUGAR POP to continue empowering and uplifting women throughout the nation.

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