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Valueleaf Group Welcomes Vijesh Vijayan as VP of Marketing and Communications

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In a bold move aligned with India’s aspirations for a $5 trillion economy, Valueleaf Group welcomes Vijesh Vijayan as the new Vice President of Marketing and Communications. This strategic appointment reflects the company’s commitment to substantial growth in the digital technology sector.

Valueleaf: Empowering India’s Digital Economy

Valueleaf Group, a leading Indian digital technology firm specializing in AdTech, Martech, and Fintech, recognizes the pivotal role marketing plays in achieving its mission. With a focus on empowering and contributing to India’s digital marketing landscape, Valueleaf aims to play a key role in the nation’s transition towards a digital economy.

Founders’ Confidence in Transformation

“As key players in Adtech & Martech, we are at a crucial point in our growth journey. Our mission is to empower and contribute to India’s digital marketing landscape, in line with the nation’s push towards a digital economy,” said Valueleaf founders Satish Saraf and Srikanth Bureddy.

They further added, “Having Vijesh on board instils confidence that he will play a crucial role in enhancing our brand visibility, expanding our leadership into new markets, and fostering growth across various regions, and setting benchmarks in our industry.”

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Vijesh Vijayan’s Rich Professional Background

With a remarkable 16-year career spanning prestigious organizations, Vijesh brings a wealth of experience to his role as the group VP of Marketing and Communications. His diverse contributions showcase a professional journey marked by excellence and innovation.

Valueleaf’s VP of Marketing and Communications- Vijesh Vijayan’s views

Valueleaf Group Welcomes Vijesh Vijayan as VP of Marketing and Communications

Commenting on his new role, Vijesh Vijayan said, “I’m truly excited to join Valueleaf during this crucial phase of its journey. With a distinctive focus on addressing marketing and advertising needs of business houses, I see an immense opportunity to lead meaningful transformation and crate greater value foe all stakeholders.”

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This strategic move by Valueleaf Group signifies a commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital technology landscape. With Vijesh Vijayan at the helm of marketing and communications, the company is poised to navigate the evolving industry, drive innovation, and contribute significantly to India’s digital revolution. As the journey towards a $5 trillion economy unfolds, Valueleaf Group, under Vijesh’s leadership, is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of AdTech and Martech in India and beyond.

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