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MyMuse Teams Up with Cupid to Navigate Modern Love in Valentine’s Day Campaign

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MyMuse, a brand focused on sexual wellness, has launched a Valentine’s Day campaign titled “Modern Love Needs Modern Solutions,” challenging the influence of Cupid as a symbol of traditional societal norms that dictate there is only one correct way to experience love.

MyMuse Valentine’s Day Campaign

MyMuse, a brand dedicated to sexual wellness, is challenging the conventional representation of love embodied by Cupid in its latest campaign, “Modern Love Needs Modern Solutions.” This initiative aims to address the longstanding societal norms propagated by Cupid, suggesting that there is only one correct way to experience love.

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Diverse Perspectives on Love

Whether individuals choose to forge their unique paths, embrace traditional or contemporary traditions, or decide between settling down and staying single, MyMuse recognizes that modern love is not one-size-fits-all. The campaign communicates this understanding through four 45-second films, depicting Cupid’s well-intentioned yet unsuccessful attempts to bring people together using his traditional methods.

Rejecting Cupid’s Methods

In each film, people reject Cupid’s age-old tactics, opting instead to find and express love in their own unique ways, often with the assistance of MyMuse products. Cupid experiences a complete meltdown, questioning the purpose of his existence. The concluding message in each film reinforces the campaign’s theme: “Modern Love Needs Modern Solutions – Cupid doesn’t get it, MyMuse does.”

Campaign Execution and Employee Engagement

The four ad films, conceptualized in-house and executed by Mothership, serve as the core of the campaign. In addition to these films, MyMuse has launched the #cancelcupid campaign on LinkedIn, leveraging its employees as brand ambassadors to further spread the message of embracing modern solutions for love.

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Ad Films

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

MyMuse Teams Up with Cupid to Navigate Modern Love in Valentine’s Day Campaign
Anushka Gupta

Anushka Gupta, co-founder, MyMuse, said, “From day zero as a brand we’ve believed that love is multi-faceted. We get that love is nuanced, and people love in varied ways. And that is exactly what we wanted our campaign to amplify. Cupid to us, is ‘society’ – that one person in everyone’s life who gossips about your last breakup and judges your relationship choices, offering unsolicited, cookie-cutter advice. With these four films, we wanted to go all out and say that whether you choose to be single or celebrate your 25th anniversary on a cruise, opt for those one-night stands or a long-term relationship – You Do You.”

Gupta also added “When we looked at our data and brand engagement across touchpoints, we knew Indians across the board were excited about what we have to say and are ready for our products. More importantly, we’ve seen that people are ready to explore the wonderful world of pleasure, and that when it comes to love, one size doesn’t fit all.”


In conclusion, MyMuse’s “Modern Love Needs Modern Solutions” campaign skillfully challenges traditional notions of love symbolized by Cupid, highlighting the diverse and personalized nature of modern relationships. By rejecting Cupid’s age-old tactics, individuals in the campaign films showcase the importance of embracing unique paths and expressions of love, often with the support of MyMuse products. The campaign, executed through engaging films and a compelling #cancelcupid initiative on LinkedIn, sends a powerful message: in the realm of modern love, diversity and individuality thrive, and MyMuse stands as a beacon for those seeking contemporary solutions and rejecting outdated norms.

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