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ISA Media Charter: Fostering Transparent And Efficient Advertising Practices

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The Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) has taken a significant step towards shaping a more efficient and effective advertising landscape in India with the launch of the ISA Media Charter. As the apex national body representing advertisers across the country, ISA aims to safeguard brand interests by promoting fair and transparent practices in the advertising industry.

Sunil Kataria, Chairman of ISA and CEO-Lifestyle Business, Raymond Ltd, stated, “With an illustrious history spanning over 70 years, ISA has been the unwavering voice of advertisers, championing education, representation, protection, and support for its esteemed members. The ISA Media Charter is a groundbreaking milestone in the organization’s ongoing efforts to shape an efficient and effective advertising landscape in India. As India’s advertising media spending continues to surge, it becomes essential to have a clear and equitable framework that protects the interests of brands and fosters healthy relationships between advertisers and media agencies. The ISA Media Charter encompasses six crucial areas that are of paramount concern to advertisers – this emphasises our commitment to a transparent and consumer-centric media ecosystem.”

The ISA Media Charter key Focus Areas Include

  1. ISA Model Media Agency Agreement: To establish detailed and precise agreements between advertisers and media agencies, particularly considering the substantial media flow and the complexities of the media ecosystem, The Model Media Agency Agreement template, was launched today. The template for the Model Media Agreement serves as an initial framework to facilitate personalized agreements tailored to individual media agencies. ISA recognizes that every negotiation is unique, and modifications to the template’s terms are expected as discussions progress.
  2. Zero Tolerance to Ad-Fraud: To create a vigilant environment in the industry where ad fraud is unequivocally condemned and stringent measures are adopted to eliminate fraudulent practices.
  3. Brand Safety: To ensure brands are showcased in secure environments, free from content that may harm their reputation.
  4. Viewability: To address the challenges posed by digital advancements and to ensure ads are genuinely viewable by the target audience.
  5. Common Minimum Standard for First-Party Data: To establish guidelines for the responsible collection and usage of consumer data, prioritizing privacy and consumer protection.
  6. Cross-Screen Measurement: To develop unified measurement standards for both TV and digital platforms, enhancing advertisers’ ability to gauge their campaigns’ success across various media channels.

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Industry Voices on the ISA Media Charter

Tejas Apte, ISA Media Forum Head and General Manager- Media, South Asia, Unilever, said, “The ISA Media Charter outlines the priorities that all advertisers have on top of the mind. The charter focuses on creating a fair and transparent media eco-system with agencies and publishers while keeping the consumer’s interest at the heart of it. As the digital ecosystem evolves, the challenges on brand safety and viewability will get more acute and the same need to be addressed. The media charter will evolve a common minimum standard on first party data collection and usage to safeguard consumer privacy. The other important aspect of the media charter is to evolve a cross screen measurement for TV and digital.”

Commenting on the development, Ankit Desai, ISA, Media Forum Co-chair and Head – Media, Digital Marketing and Brand PR (India & Global Centre of Excellence), said, “The Indian Society of Advertisers is committed to promoting best practices and standards. The launch of the ISA Media Charter is a testament to our dedication to creating a transparent and mutually beneficial ecosystem for advertisers, media agencies and media partners. We believe this initiative will pave the way for collaborative partnerships that drive innovation, efficiency, and growth.”

ISA has invited advertisers, media agencies, and all stakeholders in the advertising industry to join hands in implementing the ISA Media Charter, heralding a new era of trust, collaboration, and excellence in Indian advertising.

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Let’s wrap Up The New Era of Advertising

The ISA Media Charter heralds a new era of trust, collaboration, and excellence in Indian advertising. By focusing on transparency and efficiency, the charter aims to create a level playing field that benefits advertisers, media agencies, and media partners alike. As ISA invites stakeholders to join hands in implementing the charter, it sets the stage for a vibrant and responsible advertising ecosystem, safeguarding brand interests and consumer well-being.

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