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Reliance Retail’s Tira Launches Akind with Mira Kapoor

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Tira, Reliance Retail’s omnichannel beauty platform, has unveiled its first skincare brand, Akind. Co-founded by the renowned Mira Kapoor, Akind marks a significant milestone for Tira, introducing a range of products designed to revolutionize skincare routines with a focus on personalization and efficacy.

Introduction to Akind

Akind acknowledges the uniqueness of every individual’s skin and emphasizes personalized skincare routines tailored to meet specific needs. This approach reflects a commitment to simplifying skincare while ensuring effective results. The brand’s philosophy revolves around listening to the skin and addressing its requirements through thoughtfully formulated products.

The Product Range

Akind’s product lineup is categorized into three ranges, each targeting distinct aspects of skincare:

1. BUILD Range

  • Clean Slate Hydrating Cleanser: A gentle cleanser aimed at repairing and restoring the skin’s natural barrier.
  • On Cloud Nine Lightweight Moisturiser: Provides hydration without heaviness, essential for maintaining skin health.
  • Sleep Tight Firming Serum: Helps in firming the skin and improving elasticity, promoting a youthful appearance.

2. BALANCE Range

  • Fresh Start Oil-Free Balancing Cleanser: Cleanses while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.
  • Bounce Back Soothing & Purifying Toner: Soothes and purifies the skin, preparing it for subsequent skincare steps.
  • Get Even Everyday Multi-Active Serum: Aims to even out skin tone and enhance radiance for a healthy glow.

3. DEFENCE Range

  • Bright Idea Radiance Serum: Improves skin radiance and addresses dullness.
  • No Shade Sunscreen Primer SPF 50 PA++++: Offers high sun protection while priming the skin for makeup.
  • Super Smooth Sun Stick SPF 50 PA+++: Convenient sunscreen stick for on-the-go protection against environmental aggressors.

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Isha Ambani’s views

Commenting on the launch, Isha Ambani, executive director, Reliance Retail Ventures, said, “We are excited to introduce Akind, Tira’s first skincare brand in the own brands portfolio. This launch represents a significant milestone in Tira’s journey. As we continue to expand and evolve, we remain committed to innovation and excellence, ensuring that every offering enhances our customer’s beauty experience.”

Vision Behind Akind- Mira Kapoor

Commenting on the launch, Mira Kapoor, co-founder of Akind stated, “Not too long ago, I realised that my skincare journey truly began when I started listening to my skin. The Akind range was meticulously formulated with care, trial and error, and extensive research into high-efficacy ingredients that act as targeted solutions for specific problems, and what better way to bring this vision to life than powered by Tira, the ultimate destination for curated beauty brands. With Akind, I want to share the joy of skin type agnostic, barrier-focused, high performance, and price-conscious skincare that helps one meet the best version of their skin, just like I did.”

Reliance Retail’s Expanding Portfolio

After the successful launches of Tira Tools and Nails Our Way, Reliance Retail continues to broaden its offerings in the beauty sector. The addition of Akind underscores Tira’s commitment to providing customers with high-quality, diverse, and trend-setting products across beauty and personal care categories. This strategic expansion aims to enhance customer experiences and set new standards of excellence in the beauty industry.


With Akind, Tira and Reliance Retail Ventures continue to expand their offerings beyond traditional beauty products, setting new standards in skincare innovation and customer satisfaction. The brand’s focus on personalized skincare solutions and high-quality formulations reaffirms its position as a leader in the evolving beauty landscape.

The launch of Akind is not just a product introduction but a testament to Reliance Retail’s commitment to providing customers with diverse, high-quality, and innovative beauty solutions. As Akind makes its mark in the skincare industry, it promises to empower individuals to achieve their skincare goals and embrace the best version of their skin.

Stay tuned as Akind continues to innovate and inspire with its future skincare offerings, setting new benchmarks in personalized skincare excellence.

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