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A roundup of CEAT Tyres’ iconic campaigns over the years

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As the renowned adman David Ogilvy once said, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” And when it comes to CEAT Tyres’ advertising journey, it’s clear that their creativity has not only sold their products but also left a lasting impact on viewers. CEAT Tyres, an Italy-origin company, made its way to India in 1958 and has since established itself as a vital player in the country’s automobile industry. The brand’s marketing campaigns have effectively Indianized itself, generating a strong recall in the minds of its customers. 

Despite the mundane reputation of the tyre category, CEAT found a way to communicate the superiority of their products through their advertising strategy, using simple yet impactful messaging such as the “Born Tough” imagery and the quirky “Change” campaign. The brand’s communication approach is centered on evoking emotions rather than relying on quantitative feedback. 

Current Advertising Agency of CEAT Tyres- Ogilvy & Mather

CEAT Tyres has collaborated with O&M, one of India’s leading advertising agencies, for several of their iconic marketing campaigns. The agency has played a crucial role in shaping CEAT’s communication approach and bringing their brand message to life through creative and impactful campaigns. O&M’s expertise in the field has helped CEAT Tyres to effectively reach their target audience and establish themselves as a household name in India’s automobile industry.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into CEAT Tyres’ iconic campaigns over the years, exploring how they have shaped the brand’s image in the minds of Indian consumers.

1. Born Tough

One of the TV commercials (TVC) for CEAT Tyres was made in a dramatic and cinematic style, featuring Bollywood actors Lara Dutta and Sudhanshu Pandey. The TVC showcased how Sudhanshu Pandey, with the support of CEAT’s Born Tough tyres, saved Lara Dutta from a serious accident. The one-minute-long commercial was directed by Kunal Kapoor and conceptualized by FCB Ulka, a leading advertising agency. The TVC aimed to demonstrate the superior performance and reliability of CEAT’s Born Tough tyres and how they can help drivers navigate difficult driving conditions with ease. The use of popular actors, cinematic visuals, and an engaging storyline helped to create a memorable and impactful campaign for CEAT Tyres.

Here’s the oldest ad of the series Born Tough. It is almost 12 years old.

2. Idiots

These campaigns aimed to promote road safety by encouraging citizens to be responsible while travelling on roads. Through this campaign, CEAT Tyres aimed to create awareness about the importance of safe driving practices and to highlight the role that tyres play in ensuring road safety. The campaign encouraged citizens to be mindful of their behaviour on the roads and to take steps to prevent accidents. 





3. Shoppe

The CEAT Shoppe campaign of the late 90s was an unconventional approach to selling tyres, as it presented a visit to a tyre shop as a fun and enjoyable family outing. The campaign aimed to change the perception that buying tyres is a mundane and boring task by offering a unique and engaging shopping experience for customers at CEAT Shoppe outlets. Through this campaign, CEAT Shoppe wanted to create a positive and memorable shopping experience for customers, making it an enjoyable family activity rather than just a routine errand.

4. Change

One of CEAT’s notable campaigns was the launch of its new logo in 2008, which marked a departure from its iconic ‘Born Tough’ tagline. The campaign aimed to communicate a subtle mindset shift towards embracing change. By introducing a new logo, CEAT wanted to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, while also signalling a new era for the brand. The campaign focused on promoting a positive attitude towards change and encouraging customers to embrace the brand’s new identity.

5. Superstition

CEAT Tyres launched a television commercial in their “Superstition nahin, trust CEAT Tyres” series, aimed at encouraging customers to let go of their superstitious beliefs about travel. In 2014, CEAT Tyres appointed the late actor Irrfan Khan as its brand ambassador for the campaign. The campaign, titled ‘The Superior Grip’ SUV Tyres, aimed to challenge traditional Indian beliefs like stopping after ‘cheenkh’ or using ‘nimbu mirchi’ in vehicles for protection and promote the use of reliable and sturdy Ceat tyres for safe travel, especially on rough terrains. This was a bold campaign that directly challenged the age-old beliefs of Indian consumers, without playing it safe. 


Nimbu Mirchi

6. #NoMoreFunny

In 2016, CEAT partnered with Mumbai Police to make Mumbai roads safer by installing Breath Analyzers in various pubs across the city. To raise awareness about this initiative, CEAT has launched its digital campaign, #NoMoreFunny, across multiple platforms. The campaign aims to engage and sensitize people about safe driving and make mobility safer every day. 

7. Happy Roads

The ‘Happy Roads’ campaign aimed to tackle the problem of potholes on Mumbai roads caused by monsoons. With the help of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), CEAT collected old and worn-out tyres from vehicle owners, which were then recycled and used to prepare a suitable pothole-filling mixture. The initiative was eco-friendly, customer-engaging, and creatively led, with the entire process captured in a video documentary. By repairing potholes, CEAT aimed to make commuting safer for citizens and ensure happier roads in Mumbai.

8. #ItHelps

In 2017-18, CEAT Tyres used satire in their advertising campaign to raise awareness about road safety in India. The campaign targeted jaywalkers and cows, which are commonly found on Indian roads, and depicted them as obstacles to safe driving. The ads aimed to convey the message that good tyres are essential for safe driving and to encourage riders to choose CEAT Tyres for their vehicles. The campaign used humor to grab attention and create a memorable impact on viewers.

9. Don’t be a dummy

In 2020, CEAT Tyres came up with the campaign SecuraDrive featuring Aamir Khan to promote its SecuraDrive range of premium car tyres. The campaign, themed ‘Don’t Be a Dummy’, emphasizes the importance of using high-quality tyres for complete safety in any kind of driving conditions. The ad features Aamir Khan as a smart, elusive, and finicky test dummy who trusts only CEAT SecuraDrive tyres. The campaign highlights the tyre’s safety, stability, superior control, and high-speed performance, making it ideal for premium sedans and compact SUVs. The SecuraDrive tyre range offers complete control and a comfortable driving experience, making it a must-have for all premium car owners.

Sudden Braking Test

Aamir Khan- Cricket

Aamir Khan TVC- Baarat

10. Puncture Safe

In 2021, Rana Daggubati was appointed as the brand ambassador for CEAT Tyres to promote the ‘Puncture Safe’ range of bike tyres. The campaign, created by O&M, features Daggubati playing the character of ‘Keel wale baba’, highlighting the safety and convenience of the puncture-safe technology even on difficult terrain.

11. #RidingHopeRidingChange

In 2022, CEAT Tyres released a video film titled #RidingHopeRidingChange, which showcases the importance of hope and perseverance in bringing about change. The film features a teacher who travels on his dependable CEAT Tyres to teach a single student, but eventually sees his efforts paying off as more students begin to attend the school. The message of hope and safety in the film reflects CEAT Tyres’ commitment to keeping their customers safe on every road.

12. One Man Many Roles

In 2022, CEAT Tyres launched the #OneManManyRoles campaign on Father’s Day to celebrate the multiple roles that fathers play to ensure the safety of their children. The campaign highlights the caring and protective nature of fathers through various father-daughter moments, showcasing how they are always there for their children at every step. The campaign resonates with CEAT Tyres’ commitment to providing safe and reliable SecuraDrive SUV Tyres that cover all the bases and inspire confidence.

13. Buckle Up India 

Recently few months back CEAT launched a new campaign, #BuckleUpIndia, to promote the use of seat belts and ensure safety on the roads. The campaign encourages people to buckle up, particularly at the back, and end all excuses for not doing so. It emphasizes that complete safety on the road is just a buckle away, and urges everyone to follow all the road safety rules to make every journey safe and secure.

So, CEAT tyres have undoubtedly made its mark in the Indian market through their iconic campaigns. The brand has managed to create a strong recall value for itself by conveying the superiority of their products in an engaging and emotional manner. From the “Born Tough” imagery to the “Buckle Up India” campaign, CEAT’s advertising journey has been nothing short of remarkable. By striking a chord with the audience, CEAT has proven that creativity and effective communication are key to successful branding. As the brand continues to innovate and evolve, one can only expect more groundbreaking campaigns from them in the future.

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