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An Ultimate Guide to Make Money with the Sephora Affiliate Program in 2024

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For beauty enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike, the Sephora Affiliate Program presents an enticing opportunity to turn their passion into profit. With over 13,000 top-quality products from 200 coveted brands, Sephora offers a vast array of possibilities for promoting and earning commissions.

But how do you navigate this exciting realm and maximize your income potential? This comprehensive guide unravels the secrets and provides a roadmap to success with the Sephora Affiliate Program.

What is Sephora Affiliate Marketing?

An Ultimate Guide to Make Money with the Sephora Affiliate Program in 2024

Sephora Affiliate Marketing refers to a partnership program offered by Sephora, a multinational chain of beauty and personal care stores. In affiliate marketing, individuals or entities (affiliates) promote Sephora’s products through various online channels, such as websites, blogs, social media, or email, and earn a commission for each sale or customer referral they generate.

Getting Started with the Sephora Affiliate Program

1) Application Process

To become a Sephora affiliate, start by completing and submitting the application form, which is a standard process for most affiliate marketing programs. You can access the application directly on the Sephora website or through Rakuten Advertising, the company managing Sephora’s affiliate program.

The application form will request basic information such as your name, phone number, and contact details. Additionally, you’ll need to provide details about your primary website, specify the monthly payment threshold, and furnish other pertinent information about your online business.

It’s important to note that having at least one primary website is a prerequisite for becoming a Sephora affiliate. And most importantly, applicants must be at least 18 years old. While you can have multiple websites, social media pages, YouTube channels, etc., the presence of at least one website is mandatory.

Here’s a concise checklist to guide you through the initial steps of becoming a Sephora affiliate:

  1. Complete the affiliate application and accept the terms and conditions.
  2. A working website with its own hosted domain.
  3. Maintain a professional email address associated with at least one of your websites.
  4. Existing traffic to your website with an established web presence.
  5. Ensure your website contains compelling, interesting, and informative content, as this is crucial for your success in the affiliate program.

2) Approval Criteria

Sephora values affiliates who maintain a family-friendly and aesthetically pleasing online presence. Key tips for approval include:

  • High-Quality Content: Showcase engaging, well-written, and family-friendly content on your website or social media platforms.
  • Professionalism: Use a professional email address linked to your website, signaling commitment and expertise.
  • Website Design: Ensure a well-designed, user-friendly website free from excessive ads or irrelevant clutter.
  • Marketing Plan: Demonstrate a solid marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic, leveraging methods like SEO, content marketing, and paid search.

How to Join the Sephora Affiliate Program?

Joining this program is a straightforward process.

Step-by-Step Tutorial To Join This Program

  • STEP 1: Go to the Sephora website and navigate to the Beauty Affiliate Program page.
  • STEP 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link to the registration form.
  • STEP 3: Fill out the registration form. The sections include company info, contact and account info, primary website info, payment threshold, language preferences, and membership agreement.
  • STEP 4: Once you’ve submitted your application, await approval from the Sephora Affiliate Program.

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What is the average waiting period for Sephora Affiliate Program approval?

Getting approved for the Sephora Affiliate Program is done manually, meaning it takes some time for them to review your application.

Usually, it takes about three weeks, on average, to get a response from Sephora after you’ve submitted your application. Just be patient, as the approval process can take a bit of time.

What is the Commission Structure of the Sephora Affiliate Program?

An Ultimate Guide to Make Money with the Sephora Affiliate Program in 2024

The exact details of the Sephora affiliate program’s commission structure are not readily available online. To get the full information, you need to apply, get approved, and then you’ll see how it works.

However, based on the information we found, as of now, Sephora affiliates can earn a commission between 8% and 10% on all products, which is considered high in the beauty and fashion affiliate programs. The good news is that the commission rate remains the same whether you sell one item or many, and there are no restrictions on the brands you can earn commissions from, including the Sephora Collection.

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How to Earn $1000 Monthly as a Sephora Affiliate?

Achieving a monthly income of $1000 involves driving substantial traffic to convert into sales. Consider the following example based on a $25 product with an 8% commission:

Sephora Affiliate Program
  • Commission per Sale: $25 * 8% = $2.00
  • Sales Needed for $1000: $1000 / $2.00 = 500 sales
  • Visitor Conversion Rate: 1%
  • Required Monthly Visitors: 50000 (500/0.01)

Quality content remains paramount for success, emphasizing the need for engaging reviews, comparisons, and informative posts.

Pros and Cons of the Sephora Affiliate Program


  • Wide Product Range: Promote any Sephora product without restrictions.
  • Generous Commissions: Enjoy competitive commissions ranging from 8% to 10%.
  • Free shipping and samples – As an affiliate, you get free shipping on all orders over $50. On top of that, you get tonnes of free samples. You can use the samples yourself, or they can be used in giveaways on your blog.
  • Free to Join: No upfront costs; joining the Sephora affiliate program is free.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Access newsletters, product sneak peeks, and promotions.
  • Marketing Support: Utilize innovative marketing tools provided by Sephora.
  • 24/4 Customer Support: Rakuten provides 24/7 customer support.


  • Lengthy Application Process: Approval may take time due to manual reviews.
  • Payment Threshold: A $50 minimum threshold for payouts.
  • Monthly Payments: Payments are monthly, not weekly.
  • Short Cookie Duration: A 1-day cookie period for potential buyers to make a purchase.
  • Few payment options: Rakuten’s marketing program oversees the initiative, and affiliates have a limited selection of payment methods. The available options exclusively include direct deposit or receiving a payment via check.

Is the Sephora Affiliate Program Worth It?

Absolutely. Despite a short cookie duration, Sephora’s high commission rates, extensive product range, and marketing support make it a lucrative opportunity for beauty and lifestyle bloggers.

Alternatives to the Sephora Affiliate Program

If Sephora doesn’t align with your preferences, explore alternative beauty and fashion affiliate programs such as –

Which products can be promoted through the Sephora Affiliate Program?

Sephora offers an extensive range of beauty and fashion products, all open for promotion as an affiliate marketer. A notable advantage of being a Sephora affiliate is the opportunity to earn commissions on sales of any item they carry, irrespective of the brand. This is particularly significant considering Sephora’s comprehensive collection covering virtually every makeup and beauty category, including its exclusive Sephora Collection.

Major product categories include

  • Haircare
  • Skincare
  • Fragrance
  • Beauty Tools and Brushes
  • Bath and Body
  • Candles & Home Scents
  • Gifts

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Who Should Join the Sephora Affiliate Program?

The Sephora Affiliate Program is suitable for:

  1. Beauty and Fashion Bloggers: Individuals who run blogs focused on beauty, skincare, and fashion.
  2. Content Creators: Those who create engaging content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or other social media channels.
  3. Affiliate Marketers: Individuals with experience in affiliate marketing looking to promote beauty products.
  4. Website Owners: People who own websites related to beauty, cosmetics, or lifestyle.
  5. Influencers: Social media influencers in the beauty and fashion niche.
  6. Online Entrepreneurs: Individuals running online businesses interested in promoting beauty products.
  7. Beauty Enthusiasts: Anyone passionate about beauty products and eager to share recommendations.

Overall, if you have a platform or audience interested in beauty and fashion, the Sephora Affiliate Program offers a chance to earn commissions by promoting a wide range of products from renowned beauty retailers.

Bonus Tips for Success

  • Stay informed: Keep up with beauty trends, new product releases, and Sephora promotions to offer relevant content to your audience.
  • Be transparent: Disclose your affiliate partnerships clearly and prioritize providing honest feedback and recommendations.
  • Engage your audience: Respond to comments and questions, participate in discussions, and build a strong community around your platform.
  • Track your progress: Analyze your website traffic, social media engagement, and affiliate sales to understand what’s working and identify areas for improvement.
  • Be patient: Building a successful affiliate business requires dedication and consistent effort. Don’t get discouraged by initial challenges; keep creating valuable content and optimizing your strategies for long-term growth.


The Sephora Affiliate Program presents a compelling opportunity for beauty enthusiasts and marketers alike. By leveraging its diverse product range, high commissions, and marketing support, affiliates can carve a profitable niche in the beauty industry. Apply these insights to enhance your chances of success and decide if the Sephora Affiliate Program is the right fit for your affiliate endeavors.


Q: Can I join the Sephora Affiliate Program as a beginner?

While beginners can apply, Sephora typically looks for established affiliates with a proven track record. It’s advisable to have a well-established website, clear niche, and consistent traffic before applying.

Q: Does Sephora have affiliates?

Yes. Sephora offers an affiliate program through which you can commission on all orders.

Q: Is the Sephora Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, the Sephora Affiliate Program is free to join.

Q: What does Sephora affiliate program pay?

The Sephora Affiliate Program pays a commission rate of up to 5%. The commission rate can vary based on the product category and other factors.

Q: Can I promote Sephora products on multiple platforms?

Yes, diversifying your promotional platforms, such as social media, blogs, and YouTube, can enhance your reach and earnings.

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