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CaratLane Launches ‘Everyday Vows’ to Inspire Women to Express Love Unreservedly

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CaratLane, the omnichannel jewellery brand, has unfurled its latest campaign, “Everyday Vows,” in the dynamic landscape of modern relationships. It is conceptualized and executed by BBH India, the creative agency within the Publicis Groupe India. This campaign is a heartfelt celebration of the extraordinary moments of love woven into the intricate tapestry of married life.

CaratLane Embracing Modern Love with ‘Everyday Vows’

At the heart of the Everyday Vows campaign lies the mission to encourage people to #KhulKeKaroExpress – an invitation to express love openly and unapologetically. The focus is on redefining the significance of Mangalsutras in the life of a contemporary woman. No longer confined to traditional norms, these timeless pieces are portrayed as an expression of love, celebrating the seemingly ordinary yet profoundly special moments that constitute a couple’s routine life.

A Shift in Perception

Traditionally, Mangalsutras have held a special place in a woman’s jewellery collection, symbolizing marital bliss. However, the Everyday Vows campaign acknowledges the evolving preferences of modern women. It emphasizes that one-size-fits-all designs are a thing of the past. Today’s women are leaning towards multiple intricate diamond designs that seamlessly complement their daily outfits.

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Parikshit Bhattaccharya’s Insights

Parikshit Bhattaccharya, Chief Creative Officer at BBH India, shares insights into the campaign’s inception, stating, “Our insight was clear – a woman should wear what she wants, not what she feels pressured to wear.” The campaign artfully brings out the essence of Caratlane’s Everyday Vows collection, aligning it with the lifestyle and attitude of today’s women. It is a call to embrace the beauty of everyday magic in relationships.

Jennifer Pandya’s views

Jennifer Pandya, VP of Marketing at CaratLane, expresses her excitement about the campaign, saying, “We believe that every day is an opportunity to celebrate love, and a Mangalsutra is the perfect symbol.” The modern woman, according to Pandya, chooses to wear a Mangalsutra as a marker of all the little things her partner does to make her feel special – from morning chai to being a steadfast support system.

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The Collection: Elegance for Every Day

CaratLane’s Everyday Vows collection is designed to seamlessly integrate into the lifestyle of the contemporary woman. Comprising lightweight diamond Mangalsutras in chains, bracelets, and rings, the collection adds a touch of elegance to every day.

Let’s wrap up: ‘Everyday Vows’ of the CaratLane campaign

So, the Everyday Vows campaign by CaratLane and BBH India is not just about jewellery; it’s a celebration of love in all its nuanced forms. It invites women to embrace their freedom of choice and redefine the symbolism of Mangalsutras in the context of their modern, dynamic lives. So, here’s to celebrating love, one everyday vow at a time. #KhulKeKaroExpress

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