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Big B turns Genie In The Latest Campaign of MediBuddy

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MediBuddy, a digital healthcare platform, has launched an innovative campaign #LabsFromHome featuring Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan in a series of films. The campaign aims to promote high-quality healthcare accessibility for all individuals in India. By highlighting the convenience and benefits of video consultations with expert doctors, MediBuddy seeks to change the prevalent behavior of delaying medical treatment and encourage users to prioritize seeking professional medical attention. With Bachchan appearing as a genie in the campaign, the brand aims to stand out and create a memorable impact on its audience.

The Importance of Video Consultations

Saibal Biswas, head of marketing, partnerships and PR, MediBuddy, points out that despite the increasing popularity of online platforms for various services like banking, food delivery, and grocery shopping, many people are still unaware of the option of video consultations with doctors.

“Video consultation is something that a person can access anytime and anywhere. But people today still don’t consider this as an option. The new campaign is based on the fact that people usually make arbitrary decisions or procrastinate when it comes to seeking expert medical attention. It aims to create a top-of-mind recall for choosing online video doctor consultation.”

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MediBuddy: Real-Life Experiences Depicted In The Films

The #LabsFromHome campaign films incorporate real-life experiences where individuals overlook the importance of seeking medical attention when unwell. Whether due to the belief in self-treatment or accepting unsolicited advice, people often delay professional medical care. MediBuddy aims to change this behavior by making users realize that an online video consultation with an expert doctor can be easily availed from the comfort of their homes or any location within just 10 minutes. In each situation depicted in the films, Bachchan emerges as a genie from a mobile phone to emphasize the transformative power of MediBuddy’s healthcare accessibility.

Commenting on the campaign, Satish Kannan, Co-founder and CEO, MediBuddy, said, “With our campaign #LabsFromHome using a conversational and light tone, we wanted to communicate the importance of testing, and, at the same time, we wanted to urge people to inculcate regular tests as part of their health regime. It’s been our constant endeavour to make high-quality healthcare accessible across the country.”

Bachchan As The face of MediBuddy

MediBuddy has taken a unique approach in utilizing Bachchan’s presence in the campaign. While appearing as a genie, Bachchan is treated as a celebrity and personification of the MediBuddy brand. This approach seeks to capture the attention of the audience and reinforce the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services. Bachchan’s involvement helps deliver the message of easy access to healthcare online, emphasizing the brand’s reliability and trustworthiness.

Expansion of The Campaign And Customer Testimonials

As part of the campaign, MediBuddy plans to release another film featuring Bachchan as a ‘Sutradhar,’ someone who holds together the stories of customer testimonials. These testimonials will highlight the significant benefits customers have experienced through video consultations. By showcasing real-life success stories, MediBuddy aims to build trust and encourage more individuals to embrace the convenience and effectiveness of online medical consultations.

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Campaign Details And Execution

The #LabsFromHome campaign consists of a total of 27 ads, including five main ads, feature films, and customer testimonials featuring Amitabh Bachchan. MediBuddy’s internal team, in collaboration with ITW Playworx, has created and executed the campaign. Ten Films has produced the campaign, directed by Shwetabh Verma. The duration of the main ads ranges from 45 to 60 seconds, providing concise yet impactful messaging. The campaign has been launched across various digital platforms to reach a wide audience.

MediBuddy: The Future of Video Consultations And Technology In Healthcare

MediBuddy believes that video consultations are the future of healthcare, especially with the advancements in technology and increased penetration of 4G and 5G networks. By focusing on building the necessary technology for video consultations, MediBuddy aims to enable face-to-face interactions with doctors, enhancing the overall patient experience. The introduction of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) further revolutionizes healthcare by enabling predictive diagnosis and identification of potential health risks. MediBuddy’s smart reports highlight high-risk elements and recommend patients to consult a doctor based on the diagnosis, providing personalized and timely healthcare guidance.

MediBuddy’s Genie Campaign With Bachchan Paves The Way For Healthier Lives

With its #LabsFromHome campaign featuring Amitabh Bachchan as a genie, MediBuddy aims to create a healthier India by making high-quality healthcare accessible to all individuals. By raising awareness about the convenience and benefits of video consultations, the brand seeks to change the prevailing mindset of delaying medical treatment and empower users to prioritize their health. MediBuddy’s commitment to leveraging technology, expanding its partner network, and providing personalized healthcare services positions it as a leading digital healthcare platform in India. Through the campaign, the brand aspires to double the daily rate of video consultations and contribute to a more accessible and efficient healthcare system in the country.

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Advertising Agency- ITW Playworx

Production House- Ten Films

Director- Shwetabh Verma

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