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Brands with best 2023 New Year campaign

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Happy New Year to our masala gang.

The New Year is not just a new opportunity for life and perspective but it’s also a huge opportunity for brands to uplift their marketing game. Many brands came up with very interesting and engrossing campaigns for this new year. Especially when comes to social media, certain brands don’t leave any chance to play their top-notch game of marketing.

Here are a few brands that nailed on social media with their new year 2023 campaign

1. McDonald’s India

McDonald’s India came up with a resolution list for you in this New Year 2023.

  1. Share my fries with my siblings.
  2. Spend more time with our loved ones.
  3. Focus on self-love.

McDonald’s knows that the first priority of anybody is to keep their loved ones close and enjoy their happy meal together. So, if you are planning to visit McDonald’s this New Year, take your loved ones together and don’t forget to share your fries with them.

2. Britannia SnackInc

Britannia’s Snacks are not the only crunchy stuff you will find; their meme/trend game is also the crunchiest thing that you going to love. This New Year, Britannia SnackInc used their biscuits to express emotions. This campaign was highly loved by the viewer and the creativity was praised to be so unique and relatable.

3. Flipkart

What is your New Year Plan? Are you also going to lie in your cozy blanket and watch “Star Parivar Awards”.? Flipkart knows your condition well and therefore it has served you with very relatable content for this New Year. Buy a cozy thermal wear from Flipkart and get it into your even cozy blanket, calling it a New Year Plan can’t be any less relatable and funny.

4. Swiggy

What’s the most relatable and lovable thing in India? Yes, you guess it is absolutely right, it one and only Chai. And Swiggy knows this tactic very well, therefore for their New Year campaign they used chai to give New Year wishes which were highly loved by people. Swiggy’s marketing game is always top-notch, and they knew very well how to use day-to-day things as a marketing weapon that can be easily understood and loved by people.

5. Fevicol

Fevicol used their product Fevicol HI-PER and Fevicol SH as their weapon for their New Year campaign. People’s excitement on New Year is hyped and loud which is shown by using the box of HI-PER and just the way our energy drains after a lot of parties on the next day, the tiredness is shown by the SH box making the sound of Shhhhhhh. What a creative idea to promote the brand as well as handle the New Year trend so smoothly and flawlessly.

6. Sting India

Sting India has made their New Year campaign reflecting its brand’s feature, which is “electrifying”. How immediately you can switch your personality on New Year from a sloth to a hyped party animal can clearly be felt through this graphic. So, if you are feeling low on your energy, just grab a string and reveal the party animal within you.

7. Bingo! MadAngles

Have you ever gotten in trouble because of autocorrect? Bingo MadAngles has got the madness of autocorrect as a marketing weapon for this New Year. Suppose you got a New Year to wish like, ” May this 2023 be bomb “drastic” for you”. How are you going to feel? Definitely, that person will be blocked from your contact list, and you would never like to receive any text from that person in the future. But what if that person has written “May this year be bomb blastic for you”? What a game changer autocorrect can be, could clearly be seen through this and you would surely have witnessed one or other such incident either happened with you or done by you.

8. MakeMyTrip

New Year ka Kya plan hai ? How many times have you heard this question? And what extraordinary (sad) answer have you given to them? Well, MakeMyTrip knows your pain very well and therefore they have created a New Year Campaign keeping all the “No-plan to this New Year buddies”. These 8 slides kill all the FOMO you are having via seeing your friends partying and you just lying on a bed. Every slide reaches a level of relatability on insane level. So, if you are also feeling bad for not having any plans this New Year then MakeMyTrip has got you something to feel good and it’s also providing you an opportunity to type in their comment section “Us moment bro”.

Whether it’s brands or Us, New Year comes with lots of new opportunities and happiness, all you need to have a positive approach to everything and grab the best opportunity to showcase your talent in right way.

This Year Mantra

Bhot jagah hai to all the happiness and Nahi jagah hai to any sort of sadness in your life.

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