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New Campaign, New Huggies and new features.

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Huggies is one the most trusted and reliable brands for babies as well as for their parents. For several years Huggies has been serving the best form of diapers keeping babies’ requirements and needs in mind. But lately, Huggies have started a new campaign where it says, “Incomplete Diapers, go back”.

Within the association of Ogilvy India, Huggies created a new campaign where they are talking about how diapers are still incomplete, and babies deserve even more than this for their great comfort. The best part of this campaign is that they used baby voice as Voice over throughout the ad, speaking about their problem related to the discomfort of diapers, which makes this ad more personal and connected with babies.

Huggies Film created by Ogilvy India

Saakshi Verma Menon, Marketing Director, Kimberly Clark India said, “Huggies as a brand has always strived to go the extra mile to make the world a more comfortable place for babies. Through extensive consumer research, we realized that babies need complete comfort with multiple benefits in one product. We are proud to introduce the new ‘Huggies Complete Comfort®’ to our Indian consumers to help babies and their parents navigate the unknowns of babyhood. Our research showed that 9 out of 10 moms feel that Huggies is more comfortable than their regular diaper which reinforces the trust that consumers have in this iconic brand.”

The New Huggies have gone a step ahead for better comfort of babies and therefore they have updated themselves in 5 qualities, that are: –

  1. Bubble bed softness
  2. 12 hours Absorbtion
  3. Triple leak gaurd
  4. Breathable Material
  5. Comfy Fit Waistband

On the campaign, Saakshi Verma Menon added, “We are launching a digital-first campaign across platforms where mums today are spending most of their time. The content is hyper-personalized and contextualized to specific consumer cohorts for heightened relevance and engagement. Also, as a challenger brand in India, we must break the clutter and stand out as a preferred brand. Our creative partners at Ogilvy have cracked an enjoyable and distinctive way of landing the key message which is sure to cement our position in the hearts of our consumers.”

Talking about the creativity and marketing of this campaign

A bunch of babies using placards saying, “My Diaper, my choice”, “No more incomplete comfort”, and ”No more kisses to you daddy”, created a huge confusion among viewers that what actually happened to babies and the reason behind all this fuse. Huggies started this campaign a week creating suspense which some posts featuring an angry baby with the text “No more cuddle for you mommy“. And yesterday on 2nd January 2023 , they unveil their new look of Huggies with upgraded features and more comfort.

Huggies knows this well,

If a baby sleep with a smile on

then the parents WAKE up with a smile on.

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