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A Crossover No One Imagined: CID X Crime Patrol In Boat latest Ad Film

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It’s unusual to see actors portraying their on-screen characters, which is why it’s so surprising to witness the stars of “CID X Crime Patrol in Boat Campaign” – two iconic Sony Entertainment Network shows – stepping into a boAt advertisement to hunt down a killer.

A Crossover No One Imagined: CID X Crime Patrol In Boat latest Ad Film
Boat Killer Ad Film

CID X Crime Patrol In Boat Camapign

In the ad film, Anup Soni, known for his role in Crime Patrol, eerily senses the killer’s impending arrival. Immediately after his premonition, ACP Pradyuman and Inspector Daya burst into the house, determined to catch the murderer.

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Notably, Daya’s signature move involves breaking down the door. To everyone’s surprise, the alleged killer is found inside the computer of two unsuspecting residents. It turns out to be a killer sale from boAt, offering discounts of up to 70%.

This ad marks the first of three spots for the audio company. While it’s not common to see these actors embody their on-screen personas, this trend is gaining momentum recently.

The second installment of the campaign offers a nostalgic trip, reuniting beloved characters from India’s iconic crime series, CID and Crime Patrol. These detectives set out on a mission to apprehend a killer, only to uncover that the real “Killer” is the irresistible boAt product deals.

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Alongside these thrilling films, boAt has partnered with diverse content creators and tech reviewers, all participating in the “Killer” deals saga, generating content that contributes to the campaign’s captivating energy.

Finding Killer With Hardik Pandya In The First Ad Film

The campaign kicks off with a humorous film featuring Pandya on a movie set. To his surprise, the set is suddenly swarmed by police officers during a raid. Initially confused, Pandya quickly realizes they’re not after him; instead, they’re on a mission to capture the “Killer” deals offered on boAt products.

What Do Experts Have To Say About This Collab CID X Crime Patrol?

A Crossover No One Imagined: CID X Crime Patrol In Boat latest Ad Film
Aman Gupta

Aman Gupta, Co-Founder and CMO, boAt, said, “We are excited to launch our festive ‘Killer Deals’ campaign featuring iconic characters like ACP Pradyuman from CID, Anup Soni from Crime Patrol, and Indian cricketer and boAt brand ambassador Hardik Pandya. This campaign is a bold and inventive strategy to highlight our “Killer Deals” with a touch of delightful humour during this festive season. We are confident that this campaign will resonate with our target audience and turn the spotlight on festive deals.”


In this quirky marketing escapade, the “CID X Crime Patrol” campaign teams up with boAt to craft a zany and captivating crossover that’s truly one for the books. Picture your favorite crime show detectives chasing not criminals, but something far more enticing – killer deals on boAt products. It’s a wild blend of suspense, nostalgia, and humor that’s leaving us all on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting the next twist in this extraordinary tale of crime-solving meets shopping thrill. It’s a mashup of epic proportions, where solving mysteries takes a backseat to uncovering the ultimate bargains

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