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Zomato Welcomes Ranveer Singh As The Brand Ambassador

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Zomato has recently enlisted the Bollywood sensation Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador for their latest campaign, “Zomaito vs Zomahto,” which ignited a spirited debate across India about the brand’s pronunciation. This lively discourse carries forward into their all-new campaign, celebrating India’s enduring passion for cricket in anticipation of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. The campaign features not only Ranveer Singh but also cricket superstar Chris Gayle and is now making waves across a multitude of digital and offline platforms nationwide.

Ranveer Singh As The Brand Ambassador In The Brand’s New Campaign With Chris Gayle

In the campaign, Bollywood superstar and Zomato’s brand ambassador, Ranveer Singh, takes center stage as he hosts a cricket watch party at his home alongside the legendary cricketer, Chris Gayle. Of course, no watch party is complete without delicious food, and Zomato adds to the festivities by ensuring timely food deliveries.

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However, an amusing debate unfolds as Ranveer and Chris playfully argue over the pronunciation of “Zomato” while collecting their food order. Their friendly banter continues until the Zomato delivery partner interjects with a heartwarming statement: “Ab Zomaito-Zomahto nahi, India-India ka time hai!” This simple but profound declaration fills them with pride, and the film concludes with everyone celebrating together.

Cricket serves as a powerful unifying force in India, and Zomato is proud to be an integral part of this celebration. As India hosts the Cricket World Cup, the nation’s passion for the sport and support for the Indian team have reached unprecedented levels. For the next 45 days, there’s one paramount focus—backing TEAM INDIA. Zomato captures this fervent sentiment and emphasizes that supporting India takes precedence over the brand itself in an exhilarating film.

In another aspect of the campaign, Zomato introduces an AI-generated film featuring superstar Ranveer Singh and Chris Gayle. This unique film highlights the names of restaurant partners and their signature dishes, adding an exciting touch to the World Cup season.

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What Do Experts Have To Say About Onboarding Ranveer Singh as The Brand Ambassador of Zomato?

Zomato Welcomes Ranveer Singh As The Brand Ambassador
Sahibjeet Singh Sawhney

Sahibjeet Singh Sawhney, Marketing Head, Zomato, commented, “Our World Cup campaign is born out of our love and respect for Team India. And who better than Ranveer Singh to capture the infectious excitement, energy and passion of cricket fans across the country. There is a natural synergy between Ranveer and Zomato, which we have captured in our campaign as well. The Cricket World Cup is an exciting time for Zomato and while India breaks records on the field, we too are ready to serve the country. As the ad film says, it is time for India-India over Zomato-Zomato.” 

Expressing his enthusiasm on the collaboration, Superstar Ranveer Singh said, “I am a big fan of Team India and Zomato’s World Cup campaign is the perfect ode to cricket, this season. Zomato is an energetic brand and quite the outlier in their industry — that really stands out to me. I’m excited to celebrate cricket with Zomato, Chris Gayle and the nation. Also, don’t ask me if it’s Zomaito or Zomahto”

Zomato Welcomes Ranveer Singh As The Brand Ambassador
Ranveer Singh


In conclusion, Zomato’s latest campaign featuring Ranveer Singh and Chris Gayle embodies the spirit of cricket and unity in India. It showcases the friendly debate over the pronunciation of “Zomato” and ultimately emphasizes that, during the Cricket World Cup, supporting Team India transcends any brand loyalty.

As cricket fever reaches new heights across the nation, Zomato is proud to be a part of this celebration, delivering joy and delicious food to cricket enthusiasts. The campaign captures the essence of India’s unwavering love for the sport and its undying support for the Indian cricket team.

Additionally, Zomato’s innovative AI-generated film adds an exciting dimension to the campaign by spotlighting restaurant partners and their delectable dishes during this thrilling World Cup season. This multi-faceted campaign truly embodies the excitement and fervor surrounding cricket in India, reinforcing Zomato’s role as a beloved and integral part of the nation’s culinary and sporting journey.

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