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Apollo 24/7 Celebrates Mothers with “MAA Samjhe Bachho Ko” Campaign

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Mothers understand their children like no one else. Their intuition allows them to decipher a baby’s gurgles, cries, and babbles, a skill that Apollo 24/7 likens to its extensive range of baby care products.

“MAA Samjhe Bachho Ko” Campaign

Apollo 24/7’s new ad film, titled “MAA Samjhe Bachho Ko” (Mother Understands Children), is part of their “Celebrating Mothers” campaign. This heartwarming campaign spotlights the unique and instinctive bond between mothers and their children.

The ad portrays a series of endearing scenes where mothers intuitively decipher their babies’ needs, emphasizing that no translator can interpret a baby’s emotions and needs as accurately as a mother can.

Apollo 24/7: Addressing the Needs of Busy Moms

However, these same mothers often struggle to find all the necessary mom and baby care products on a single platform. They juggle caring for their babies, handling household chores, and maybe even working.

Apollo 24/7 steps in to address this challenge by providing a comprehensive range of mother-care and baby-care products in one convenient location.

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More Than Just an Ad Campaign

This campaign is part of Apollo 24/7’s broader strategy to become the leading platform for all healthcare needs of mothers and their babies. By offering a comprehensive selection of products and promising two-hour delivery, Apollo 24/7 aims to simplify mothers’ lives and become a trusted source for mom and baby care.

Apollo 24/7: A Legacy of Care Continues

For nearly four decades, Apollo has set the standard for quality healthcare in India. Their online services, Apollo 24/7, continue this tradition by offering care, empathy, and reliability, ensuring access to their services no matter where people are.

With the “Celebrating Mothers” campaign, Apollo 24/7 invites viewers to appreciate the vital role of mothers, showcasing their unwavering commitment to supporting them in every way possible.


In conclusion, Apollo 24/7’s “Celebrating Mothers” campaign goes beyond heartwarming visuals. It recognizes the unique challenges mothers face and offers a solution – a one-stop shop for all their baby care needs. This campaign reinforces Apollo 24/7’s commitment to not just celebrate mothers, but to become a trusted partner in their motherhood journey, building on their legacy of quality healthcare for generations to come.

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