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Biba Empowers Women with ‘Strength Meets Style’ Campaign

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Biba, a prominent homegrown fashion brand, has recently launched its digital campaign, ‘Strength Meets Style,’ in collaboration with Indian cricketer Renuka Singh Thakur. The campaign, premiering around International Women’s Day, seeks to challenge outdated perceptions of modern Indian women and provide a fresh perspective that transcends societal stereotypes.

Renuka’s Authentic Journey

The heart of the ‘Strength Meets Style’ campaign revolves around Renuka Singh Thakur, whose authentic journey defies societal limitations imposed on women. The film draws inspiration from real-life experiences, portraying the cricketer’s resilience and determination as she challenges traditional norms in pursuit of her passion for cricket.

Biba’s ‘Strength Meets Style’ Campaign- Shattering Stereotypes

Biba’s ‘Strength Meets Style’ confronts stereotypes through powerful imagery and relatable comments, showcasing Renuka’s unwavering commitment to cricket despite societal expectations. The campaign aims to shatter these stereotypes and inspire women to break free from age-old cliches, emphasizing the importance of embracing individuality.

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Your Style, Your Story

The campaign emphasizes the mantra ‘Your Style, Your Story,’ portraying Renuka as she boldly carves her own path in the face of societal expectations. The narrative extends beyond fashion, encouraging women to assert their worth and embrace their power in all aspects of life, whether on the cricket field or elsewhere.

Biba’s Commitment to Diversity

Siddharth Bindra, managing director, Biba Fashion, said, “At Biba, we’ve always believed in celebrating the spirit of womanhood and are proud to champion the incredible women who are redefining what it means to be authentic, powerful, and stylish. With Renuka at the heart of this campaign, we are celebrating women and paying respect to their strength and grit. We hope this film inspires women across India to embrace their individuality and rewrite their stories.”

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Renuka’s views

“This film champions embracing your power and asserting your worth – whether on the cricket field or off it. It’s truly inspiring to witness BIBA leading the charge for this positive change,” said Renuka.


Biba’s ‘Strength Meets Style’ campaign, featuring Renuka Singh Thakur, stands as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration for women across India. By challenging stereotypes and celebrating individuality, Biba encourages women to embrace their unique stories and redefine societal expectations. The campaign’s message extends beyond the realms of fashion, resonating with the essence of empowerment and authenticity that defines the modern Indian woman.


Agency Credits: Dentsu, iProspect

Production Credits: Zero Begins Films

Director: Dhruv Sachdev

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