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Britannia Launches AI Campaign for NutriChoice with Ranveer Singh

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Britannia, a renowned food and beverage company, has unveiled a groundbreaking marketing campaign in collaboration with Mindshare, its partner agency for NutriChoice. Leveraging the power of AI and mixed reality, this campaign introduces an innovative way for consumers to interact with the brand and its ambassador, Ranveer Singh.

Britannia NutriChoice AI Campaign

At the heart of this campaign lies an AI-powered mixed reality smartphone camera, developed by Flam, an AI-powered mixed reality content platform. This cutting-edge technology allows consumers to scan a QR code with their smartphones, triggering a captivating video experience featuring Ranveer Singh. Seamlessly integrating the physical and digital worlds, the static image comes alive, delivering the message that Britannia NutriChoice Digestive biscuit is crafted with 100% atta and 0% Maida.

The Experience of Britannia AI campaign

Upon scanning the QR code, consumers are transported into an immersive world where Ranveer Singh personally conveys the unique benefits of Britannia NutriChoice Digestive biscuit. Through their smartphone camera, users witness dynamic visuals and compelling storytelling, enhancing their engagement with the brand. This revolutionary approach transcends traditional advertising, offering an interactive and memorable experience.

Technology at Work

Powered by advanced AI algorithms, the mixed reality camera operates at a remarkable speed of 60 frames per second, ensuring smooth video playback. Utilizing image tracking in 3D space and feature points, the camera generates mixed-reality 3D content, enhancing the realism of the experience. This technology requires no app downloads or web-based augmented reality, offering effortless scalability and compatibility across all devices.

Industry Impact

Britannia’s AI-powered campaign represents a significant milestone in marketing innovation, setting a new standard for brand engagement. By harnessing the potential of AI and mixed reality, the campaign pioneers a paradigm shift in consumer interaction. With personalized content experiences and real-time engagement opportunities, brands can forge deeper connections with their audience, driving loyalty and brand advocacy.

The Visionaries on Britannia NutriChoice AI campaign

Amit Doshi, chief marketing officer, Britannia Industries, shared, “The application of technology in marketing is deepening and it is exciting to build such novel consumer experiences. Users can now immerse themselves through their phone camera, without the need for app downloads or webAR. It is truly rewarding to have partners like Mindshare, who powered this innovation and brought it to reality. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology to engage consumers in unexpected ways.”

Amin Lakhani, CEO, Mindshare shared, “From personalised content experiences to real-time engagement opportunities, this AI-powered camera technology is set to transform how consumers perceive and interact with brands. Together, Britannia and Mindshare are not just disrupting the status quo; we’re pioneering a new paradigm — one that empowers consumers, amplifies creativity, and unlocks limitless possibilities for brand engagement.”

Shourya Agarwal, founder and CEO, Flam shared, “Our camera technology is engineered for effortless scalability, supporting billions of users and seamless compatibility across all devices. It delivers robust performance without requiring app downloads or web-based augmented reality. Our advanced AI-driven image recognition and tracking provide unmatched accuracy and efficiency. Starting with Mindshare and Britannia, we’re bringing experiential advertisements that are not just seen, but something you engage & create shareable stories with – for the first time in India. This innovative platform opens up a world of user-generated content for forward-thinking brands, allowing them to harness the creativity of their audience.”


As consumer expectations evolve in a digital age, brands must adapt and innovate to stay relevant. Britannia’s AI campaign exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to marketing, marrying creativity with technology to deliver unparalleled brand experiences. With the power of AI and mixed reality, brands can captivate audiences, foster engagement, and shape the future of marketing.

In collaboration with Mindshare and Flam, Britannia is at the forefront of this transformative journey, redefining the boundaries of brand engagement and unlocking limitless possibilities. As the campaign unfolds, it not only showcases the capabilities of AI and mixed reality but also heralds a new era of consumer-centric marketing. Join Britannia on this extraordinary journey, where imagination meets innovation, and brand experiences are reimagined for a digital world. Welcome to the future of marketing.

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