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Cadbury Bournvita “Forced pack” Campaign: #FaithNotForce

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Four days ago, Cadbury Bournvita created a surge of rage with its new campaign “Forced pack”. Cadbury has always topped the list of presenting one of finest and highly impactful ad campaigns of its time. Maintaining its crown, Bournvita recent campaign of converting Bournvita packing into household products like toilet cleaner bottle, tissue paper box, egg boxes, glass cleaner, soap box, cooking oil, ketchup bottle and face cream has come up with a mixed reaction of shocked and confused assumptions.

The campaign brief was to educate society to let kids use their potential instead of moulding them into something else, forcefully. This campaign proves to be an enlightenment for major part of society with a pinch of neutral remark. For instance, a senior ad agency leader quotes “This campaign is a misguided creativity that could have been executed in an inclusive manner” whereas a senior financial services marketer says “This campaign is a big-time fire back and praises the idea of targeting parents at supermarkets as they are densely present there”

Creative agency Ogilvy and Cadbury Bounrvita created this masterpiece in association with Star Bazaar where they exhibit products in their outlet and market in the densest area of targeted audience, that is shopping malls and complex. supported this campaign with a direct interaction with the audience, raising the question, “Did Bournvita take a leap of faith or was it a forced fit?” while keeping the identity anonymous. The extensive campaign was supported by a range of marketing efforts that included print media, social media, collaborations, influencer marketing, billboards, outlets, and even D2C.


In recent years, Bournvita has focused more on children’s mental health with its #GetTheMessage campaign. The campaign was a huge success, reaching nearly 6 million YouTube views. in 2022, Bournvita developed an even stronger campaign with an influential message.

Harshad Rajadhyaksha and Kainaz Karmakar, chief creative officers of Ogilvy India claimed that moving on with this idea was a task and they took various test prior before gaining the confidence of taking it to the market. They quoted that the reaction they got was the first step of ladder to success.

The entire campaign was directed at parents who force their children to choose careers against their own interests in order to conform to societal norms, emphasising that “every child is different and cannot be grabbed by pressure from parents or society.”

The campaign was to be launched on Children’s Day to make the most of it, and the enthusiasm and popularity on social media have shown that the decision was right.

Alot of big brands have come front to praise Cadbury on peak, for instance CMO of edtech claim it to be bold and smart move by Bournvita and many other have quoted this campaign as one of the impactful successes in the world advertising.

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