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Caprese’s #YourLoveNote Campaign and Contest Bring Valentine’s Vibes

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As the month of love envelops us in its warm embrace, Caprese, the renowned premium handbag brand, has unveiled a heartwarming initiative designed to infuse campuses with love and celebration. The #YourLoveNote College Campaign not only encourages the expression of love but also transforms college campuses into vibrant hubs of affection. Alongside this, Caprese has introduced an exciting contest, offering participants the chance to win a sponsored date night, adding an extra layer of excitement to this season of love.

Caprese College Campaign at St. Xavier’s College

Caprese kicked off its love-filled journey with a campus takeover at St. Xavier’s College during the Business Conference event. The heart of the campaign lies in the creation of an interactive love pin board strategically placed on the college campus. This engaging platform allows students to share their love notes, creating a colorful tapestry of emotions that reflects the diversity of expressions in the modern era.

Valentine’s Day Contest

To amplify the celebration, Caprese has initiated a contest that runs until February 14, 2024. Participants simply need to DM the bill for their Caprese order, ensuring it meets the minimum requirement of Rs. 4000.

By doing so, they stand a chance to win a sponsored date night, courtesy of Caprese Bags.

This not only adds an exciting competitive element, but also extends the celebration beyond the campus, inviting everyone to be a part of the love-filled festivities.

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Capturing Unique Perspectives

As part of the campaign, Caprese engages with college students through insightful interviews, capturing their unique perspectives on love, style, and the excitement surrounding Valentine’s Day. These interviews provide a glimpse into the diverse and evolving nature of relationships in the modern world, reflecting the brand’s commitment to staying attuned to the pulse of its audience.

Social Media Delight

Snippets of the vibrant love pin board activities and rapid-fire interviews are shared on Caprese’s social media platforms. This not only keeps the broader audience engaged but also fosters a sense of community and celebration beyond the campus walls. The campaign transcends the physical boundaries of the college, resonating with individuals who appreciate the joyous spirit of love.


Caprese’s #YourLoveNote College Campaign is not just an exploration of love in the modern era, but a celebration of individuality, style, and the joy that comes with expressing one’s emotions. Through its campus takeover, interactive love pin board, and engaging social media content, Caprese succeeds in creating a delightful tapestry of love that extends far beyond the confines of college campuses. As we eagerly await the culmination of this campaign on (Valentine’s Day) February 14, 2024, it is clear that Caprese has not only embraced the season of love but has also succeeded in making it a truly inclusive and memorable experience for all.

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