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Film director Rajamouli and David Warner have teamed up for Cred new ad

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When you pair an Oscar-winning film director with a star cricketer, you get Cred intriguing ad campaign. Featuring SS Rajamouli and David Warner, it’s a unique spin on choosing Cred UPI.

Pairing an Oscar-winning film director with a star cricketer doesn’t promise the next magnum opus. However, Cred’s latest ad campaign featuring SS Rajamouli and David Warner offers a unique twist to promote Cred UPI.


In the ad, Rajamouli humorously asks Warner for a discount on cricket match tickets, only to learn that Cred UPI users automatically receive discounts. Curious about non-Cred UPI, Rajamouli discovers he’d owe Warner a favor instead.

Imagination Sequence:

Rajamouli’s mind wanders, envisioning Warner sabotaging his film. Warner’s comical portrayal in various Indian avatars entertains but irritates Rajamouli, showcasing his frustration.

Snippet from Cred Ad

Reality Check:

Returning to reality, Rajamouli prefers downloading Cred UPI over fulfilling Warner’s request, concluding the ad’s humorous narrative.

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This ad, led by Rajamouli’s directorial prowess, offers a simplistic yet extravagant approach, deviating from typical fintech ads. It’s a refreshing departure from traditional Cred advertisements, demonstrating innovation in the sector.

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In conclusion, Cred’s latest ad campaign, featuring the collaboration of acclaimed filmmaker SS Rajamouli and cricket star David Warner, presents a refreshing and humorous take on promoting Cred UPI. Through a blend of wit, imagination, and entertainment, the ad breaks away from conventional fintech advertising, showcasing Rajamouli’s directorial flair and offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of marketing in the digital age.

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