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Get Future Ready with Cadbury 5 Star ‘Doing Nothing’ campaign

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If you fear AI taking your job, Cadbury 5 Star’s ‘Doing Nothing’ campaign is tailored for you. The Nothing University offers a chance to master the art of ‘doing nothing’ and receive certification. Embrace AI with Cadbury 5 Star, in harmony with their tagline, ‘Eat 5-star, do nothing.’

What is Cadbury 5 Star ‘Doing Nothing’ Campaign?

The Cadbury 5 Star ‘Doing Nothing’ Campaign introduces the Nothing University, providing individuals with the opportunity to enroll and acquire expertise in the art of ‘doing nothing,’ complete with a certification. The brand champions the campaign as an embrace of AI, in contrast to fearing it, harmonizing with its tagline, ‘Eat 5-star, do nothing.’

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Participants can engage in this course online via the microsite, a platform initiated by the brand to facilitate interactive video sessions. Led by corporate-employees-turned-comedians Atul Khatri and Rahul Subramanian, the modules offer a unique blend of humor while preparing for an AI-powered future workspace. Upon course completion, students receive a certification, adding a playful touch to the conclusion of this activation.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Get Future Ready with Cadbury 5 Star ‘Doing Nothing’ campaign
Nitin Saini

Speaking about this unique approach, Nitin Saini, VP- marketing, Mondelez India, said, “Currently, the advent of AI is taking the industry by storm and making everyday jobs easier thus, leaving more room for people to ‘Do Nothing’, and as the cultivators of this ethos we want to help people ace it. The introduction of Nothing University is a cheeky take on this concept and our attempt to help everyone upskill in ‘Doing Nothing’.”

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India, added,With AI dominating the news almost every day, Cadbury 5 Star has taken a crazy dig at it by celebrating the prospect that when AI does most of our work, we’ll get a lot of time to chill and do nothing. We have conceived and crafted the Nothing University and developed an entire curriculum around doing nothing efficiently in the future workplace, complete with interactive video lectures and a diploma.” 

Get Future Ready with Cadbury 5 Star ‘Doing Nothing’ campaign
Sukesh Nayak
Get Future Ready with Cadbury 5 Star ‘Doing Nothing’ campaign
Shekhar Banerjee

Shekhar Banerjee, chief client officer and office head, West, North and East, Wavemaker India said, “In collaboration with top comedians, influencers and brand partnerships, we aim to amplify the delight of ‘Do nothing’, with a counterculture narrative. From enrolment to graduation, our media campaign is brimming with playful essence, embarking on a journey into the art of doing nothing.”

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In summary, the Cadbury 5 Star ‘Doing Nothing’ Campaign and the Nothing University offer a refreshing perspective on the intersection of work, leisure, and technology. Embracing the rise of AI instead of fearing it, the campaign encourages individuals to master the art of ‘doing nothing’ through online courses led by comedians Atul Khatri and Rahul Subramanian. The initiative, in line with the brand’s ‘Eat 5-star, do nothing’ tagline, not only provides a unique blend of humor and preparation for the future but also awards participants a certification, reinforcing the importance of finding joy and relaxation amidst the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workspace.

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