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Google throws shades on iPhone in Pixel holiday commercial

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Experience the festive twist in the ongoing Google vs. Apple rivalry through a holiday commercial for the Pixel 8. As part of the #BestPhonesForever series, Google introduces the eleventh installment, showcasing the playful escapades of an iPhone and a Google Pixel 8 smartphone.

What is Google Vs iPhone holiday commercial?

The Google-Apple rivalry takes on a festive twist in a Pixel 8 holiday ad. Recently, Google revealed the eleventh installment of its anthropomorphic stop-motion series, #BestPhonesForever, showcasing the spirited interactions between an iPhone and a Google Pixel 8. This Google iPhone holiday commercial injects humor and innovation into the competitive narrative, creating a memorable and engaging holiday-themed installment in the ongoing tech showdown.

Google throws shades on iPhone in Pixel holiday commercial

The short film, titled “Must Be Santa,” runs for 1 minute and 11 seconds. It showcases the Google Pixel 8 helping the iPhone create a grand holiday wishlist. Pixel playfully asks iPhone what it wants from Santa, prompting a Siri-like response from iPhone’s automated voice, “I want Santa to give me all the AI stuff he got you!”

The video highlights AI features of the Google Pixel 8, including the ‘Magic Editor for removing and rearranging stuff in photos.’ iPhone amusingly expresses anticipation, stating, “This year, the big man is gonna hook me up.” The Google Pixel responds, revealing that it wasn’t Santa but a group of Google engineers responsible for its AI features.

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The conversation takes an empathetic turn akin to Charles Dickens’ Oliver, with the iPhone asking in a surprisingly emotive, robot-like voice, “Can… Can Santa give me a bunch of Google engineers?” The poignant question remains unanswered as the spot concludes with both phones posing for a holiday picture. Notably, Google Pixel initiated its Pixel vs iPhone ad series in June of this year.

The series of Google Vs iPhone

The ongoing Google vs. iPhone series, initiated by Google Pixel in June this year, is a collection of films titled #Bestphonesever. These films spotlight Pixel’s cutting-edge features such as astrophotography, Call Assist, and 30x Zoom capabilities. Another installment emphasizes Pixel’s robust privacy and security measures. During Halloween, the series unveiled the Google Pixel 8 launch, humorously portraying the iPhone as apprehensive about constant comparisons. Comparative advertising is not new, as evident in Samsung’s Fold & Flip series ads, taking jabs at Apple, released in July this year. In this space, major players like Google, Apple, and Microsoft occasionally engage in such competitive marketing strategies.

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In conclusion, Google’s holiday campaign, exemplified by the festive short film “Must Be Santa” within the #BestPhonesForever series, brilliantly merges humor and innovation. The playful interaction between the Google Pixel 8 and iPhone not only underscores the ongoing tech rivalry but also showcases Pixel’s advanced AI features. The clever twist during the holiday wishlist exchange adds an empathetic touch to the competition. Google’s strategic use of comparative advertising, especially during Halloween, where the iPhone is portrayed as uneasy about the comparisons, demonstrates the brand’s ability to engage and entertain audiences. Overall, this holiday campaign serves as a creative and memorable chapter in the ongoing narrative of tech giants competing for consumer attention.

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