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Godrej Consumer Products Unveils TVC for Its Latest Liquid Detergent

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Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) has recently introduced its latest product, Godrej Fab, a liquid detergent, targeting the Southern Indian market exclusively. This innovative detergent comes with a unique formulation designed to meet the specific laundry needs of the region. As part of this product launch, GCPL has unveiled a captivating TVC (Television Commercial) promoting Godrej Fab across South India.

The creative vision behind the TVC was brought to life by Lightbox, GCPL’s in-house creative studio, ensuring a campaign that resonates with the local audience. The commercial features well-known Southern comedians, VTV Ganeshan and Redin Kingsley, adding a touch of humor and relatability to the narrative. By leveraging the popularity of these household names, GCPL aims to establish a strong connection with consumers in the Southern market and create awareness about the exceptional qualities of Godrej Fab liquid detergent.

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Godrej Liquid Detergent TVC

Introducing Godrej Fab, GCPL’s latest liquid detergent, set to transform the laundry routine. Exclusively released in Southern India, it comes at a compelling price point of Rs 99 for a one-liter bottle, providing quality cleaning at a significantly reduced cost compared to other liquid detergents.

Furthermore, there’s a convenient 100 ml sachet priced at only Rs 10. Regardless of whether customers prefer bucket wash or machine usage, Godrej Fab streamlines the laundry process, turning it into a satisfying task.

Accompanying the launch is a TVC campaign for Godrej Fab, introduced across South India. Crafted by Lightbox, GCPL’s in-house creative studio, the commercial adds an engaging dimension to the product launch.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Ashwin Moorthy

Commenting on the launch, Ashwin Moorthy, chief marketing officer- India, Godrej Consumer Products, said, “With Godrej Fab, we are leveraging our expertise in the liquid detergent category and making it accessible to everyone, thereby democratising access to quality laundry care.”

He further added, “The liquid detergent category is one of the fastest growing categories. This growth is due to increased household penetration of washing machines across the South. Consumer awareness and adoption of liquid detergents is also growing with features such as easily soluble format, quality wash experience and more fragrance compared to powder detergents. Godrej Fab will further support the growth of the category by catering to consumers who seek an enhanced laundry experience at a competitive price point.”

Shalini Avadhani, lead creative strategist, Lightbox, Godrej Consumer Products, said, “Reputation is a lot like a white shirt – Pure and powerful when clean, but also delicate enough to be ruined by a simple stain. When both are at stake, we wanted the brand to be the heroic saviour. We felt a weighty payoff like this is best delivered with comedy.”

Shalini Avadhani

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In summary, Godrej Consumer Products Limited has introduced Godrej Fab, a revolutionary liquid detergent exclusively launched in Southern India. Priced attractively at Rs 99 for a one-liter bottle and offering a convenient 100 ml sachet at just Rs 10, Godrej Fab aims to redefine the laundry experience by providing high-quality cleaning at a remarkably affordable cost. The product’s introduction, coupled with a well-crafted TVC campaign by Lightbox, underlines GCPL’s commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction, setting a new standard in the realm of liquid detergents.

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