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Hyundai Motor India Launches ‘Samarth’ Championing over Disability

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Embarking on a mission of inclusivity and empowerment, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. (HMIL) introduces the Samarth initiative. In collaboration with brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan, HMIL became India’s first automotive company to launch a large-scale inclusive mobility project, taking a significant step towards creating a more compassionate society for individuals with disabilities.

What is Hyundai Motor India “Samarth” Campaign?

The Hyundai Motor India “Samarth” campaign is a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering inclusivity and empowerment. In collaboration with brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan, HMIL stands as India’s first automobile company to introduce a large-scale inclusive mobility project. Addressing the needs of over 26.8 million individuals with diverse abilities in the country, the campaign emphasizes heightened awareness and understanding. The Samarth initiative utilizes mobility as a catalyst for creating a more inclusive and progressive world. It supports athletes, promotes equity, fosters innovation, provides vocational education, and positively impacts the para-sports ecosystem.

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Hyundai Motor India partners with SRK to Launches 'Samarth' Championing Disability Inclusion

Additionally, in collaboration with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, HMIF extends support to differently-abled individuals by providing assistive devices. A groundbreaking blind cricket program is set to unfold, targeting the physical and social development of visually impaired individuals in India. Through training camps and international bilateral series, HMIF envisions affording national Blind cricket teams substantial platforms to showcase their prodigious talents. Hyundai also commits to internal changes, pledging website accessibility, disability-friendly dealerships, and cars designed to accommodate various disabilities. The campaign embodies the ethos of Progress for Humanity, ushering in a more sensitized and supportive society for people with disabilities.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Hyundai Motor India partners with SRK to Launches 'Samarth' Championing Disability Inclusion
Virat Khullar

Virat Khullar, group head marketing, Hyundai India, “After consulting our multiple stakeholders and looking through all the relevant data, we landed upon the idea that creating inclusivity for disabled people in India can be one of the initiatives Hyundai can lead in India. This is also because in this endeavour to provide inclusivity to disabled people, the basic premise is to provide them accessibility for movement, which aligns with our vision for progress for humanity.”

Speaking on bringing actor Shah Rukh Khan on board for the initiative, Khullar opined, “Shah Rukh has been our corporate brand ambassador for more than 25 years. A lot of our corporate initiatives and key events see his presence. He is part of the creatives, films and was also the part of the launch event.”

The brand is also partnering with NDTV to bring in union and state ministers across the country, with the aim of launching a survey that covers more than 20 cities. “This is just a start. We have figured out what we want to do till September 2024, but this is still just year one,” Khullar added. 

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In conclusion, Hyundai Motor India’s “Samarth” campaign emerges as a powerful force driving positive change in the realm of disability inclusion. With a commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowerment, the initiative not only marks a significant milestone for the automotive industry but also sets a precedent for corporate responsibility and social impact. By leveraging the influence of brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan, Hyundai Motor India is not just introducing a mass-scale inclusive mobility project but also championing the cause of awareness, understanding, and support for individuals with diverse abilities. As the campaign unfolds, it promises to reshape societal perceptions, promote equity in sports, and inspire innovation, creating a more sensitized and compassionate world for everyone. Through its multifaceted approach, from supporting athletes to implementing internal changes, Hyundai Motor India’s “Samarth” campaign exemplifies a commendable commitment to progress for humanity.

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