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ICICI Direct Unveils the ‘Live the AND Life’ Campaign

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ICICI Direct has introduced its latest initiative, ‘Live The AND Life’ campaign. According to the company, the campaign promotes the ‘AND’ lifestyle, urging individuals to pursue various aspirations concurrently, without the need to make difficult choices between them.

ICICI Direct New Campaign ‘Live the And Life’

ICICI Direct recently launched the ‘Live The AND Life’ campaign, advocating the ‘AND’ lifestyle. This initiative encourages individuals to pursue diverse aspirations simultaneously, eliminating the need for challenging choices. Emphasizing inclusivity, it motivates people to seamlessly balance multiple financial objectives.

  1. Financial Inclusivity

The initiative underscores inclusivity, encouraging individuals to balance multiple financial objectives seamlessly.

2. Collaboration Details

In collaboration with Vector Brand Solutions, a division of Quotient Ventures, the campaign is thoughtfully conceptualized.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

ICICI Direct Unveils the 'Live the AND Life' Campaign
Vijay Chandok

Speaking about the campaign, Vijay Chandok, Managing Director, ICICI Securities shared, “The campaign is about empowering our customers to ‘Live the AND Life’, which in essence means achieving financial freedom through research-based investing and helping them meet their life goals and dreams. The values that underpin this effort are trust, innovation, expertise and progressiveness. ICICI Direct offers wide range of product and services in Equity, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income and financing options.”

T Gangadhar, Group CEO of Quotient Ventures, added, “We are delighted to announce our debut campaign for ICICI Direct. The ‘Live the AND Life’ campaign marks a strategic shift for the brand, presenting it as a trusted partner for individuals seeking a holistic approach to their financial journey, and promoting a lifestyle that aligns with diverse ambitions.”

ICICI Direct Unveils the 'Live the AND Life' Campaign
T Gangadhar


In conclusion, ICICI Direct’s innovative ‘Live The AND Life’ campaign not only champions a versatile lifestyle that enables individuals to pursue multiple aspirations concurrently but also underscores the importance of financial inclusivity. By encouraging individuals to balance diverse financial objectives seamlessly, this initiative embodies a forward-thinking approach to personal and financial well-being. In collaboration with Vector Brand Solutions, a division of Quotient Ventures, ICICI Direct has set the stage for a holistic and inclusive approach to life’s pursuits and financial goals, inspiring individuals to embrace the ‘AND’ in their journey towards a more fulfilling and balanced future.

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