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Ranveer Singh Joins Forces with boAt, with new campaign ‘Lost in Nirvana’

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Ranveer Singh has recently made a strategic investment in boAt, solidifying his stake in the brand’s promising future. In a significant collaboration, he has also been appointed as the official ambassador for boAt’s audio products and is set to take center stage in their upcoming campaign, ‘Lost in Nirvana.’

Ranveer Singh in the boat new campaign ‘Lost in Nirvana’

1. Investment and Partnership

Ranveer Singh has recently made a strategic investment in boAt, securing a stake in the brand’s future. This collaboration also entails his role as the official face of boAt’s audio products, headlining their latest campaign, ‘Lost in Nirvana.’

2. Strategic Significance

Ranveer’s entrepreneurial acumen and deep understanding of audio preferences among Gen Z and millennials position him as a valuable asset for boAt.His investment not only reflects confidence in the brand’s vision but also accelerates its growth journey within India and globally. This partnership marks a transformative phase, emphasizing boAt as a brand embracing technology and championing youth culture and audacious aspirations.

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3. Campaign Unveiling and Focus

This partnership sets the stage for Ranveer’s involvement in boAt’s upcoming campaign for the ‘Nirvana series,’ a sub-brand offering audio products like TWS and headphones. The comprehensive campaign, crafted in collaboration with creative agency Talented, captures the euphoric experience of the enchanting soundscape delivered by boAt’s Nirvana range.

4. Sonic Journey with Ranveer

In the ‘Lost in Nirvana’ campaign, Ranveer Singh takes on an unprecedented role, guiding viewers on a sonic odyssey. The boat campaign unfolds through captivating ad films, inviting audiences to explore the features of the Nirvana range, including 120 hours of battery life, boAt’s signature sound, and cutting-edge active noise-canceling technology.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Ranveer Singh Joins Forces with boAt, with new campaign  'Lost in Nirvana'
Aman Gupta

“Ranveer’s infectious energy and passion for music resonate perfectly with boAt’s core values,” said Aman Gupta, co-founder and CMO, boAt. “His investment and strategic involvement validate our mission to revolutionise the audio experience in India. Together, we’ll push boundaries, redefine sound, and create a community that thrives on passion and innovation.” 

Ranveer Singh, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “boAt’s commitment to best-in-class sound and youth connect resonates deeply with me. Investing in their journey is more than just a financial decision; it’s about co-creating a revolution. Get ready for boAt to amplify the sound of India like never before!” 

Ranveer Singh Joins Forces with boAt, with new campaign  'Lost in Nirvana'
Ranveer SIngh

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In conclusion, Ranveer Singh’s strategic investment and collaboration with boAt represent a defining moment for both the Bollywood luminary and the audio technology brand. This symbiotic partnership not only reaffirms Ranveer’s dedication to boAt’s vision but also positions him as a pivotal advocate for the groundbreaking Nirvana series. As the charismatic face of the ‘Lost in Nirvana’ campaign, Ranveer guides audiences through an enchanting sonic voyage, embodying the brand’s ethos of embracing leading-edge technology and championing the spirit of youth culture. With this powerful alliance, boAt stands on the cusp of a transformative era, seamlessly blending style, innovation, and Ranveer’s unparalleled energy to craft an immersive audio experience for consumers worldwide. The Ranveer Singh boAt campaign serves as a testament to this synergy, promising a harmonious fusion of entertainment and cutting-edge audio technology.

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