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KFC India Collaborates with BGMI for Exclusive Gaming Benefits with Zinger Box

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In a bold move that merges the realms of gastronomy and digital gaming, KFC India has teamed up with KRAFTON India, the creators of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), to introduce an exciting collaboration tailored for Gen-Z enthusiasts. This strategic partnership aims to captivate the burgeoning gaming community in India by offering unique, in-game rewards tied to the purchase of KFC’s iconic Zinger Box.

The Concept: Fusion of Food and Gaming

The collaboration centers around KFC’s popular Zinger Box, priced attractively at INR 299, which includes a delectable ensemble featuring the Classic Zinger Burger, 2-piece Hot Wings, fries, and a beverage. What sets this meal apart is its integration with BGMI, where each Zinger Box contains a special code enabling players to unlock exclusive in-game rewards. These rewards range from parachutes and bags to hats, jackets, and more, enhancing the gaming experience for players nationwide.

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Tapping into the Gaming Boom

India’s gaming landscape is experiencing exponential growth, with projections suggesting a user base of 750 million by 2025. This collaboration strategically taps into this trend, offering a unique blend of KFC’s culinary delights and BGMI’s immersive gaming universe. By bridging food and digital entertainment, KFC and KRAFTON aim to resonate deeply with tech-savvy consumers who seek both flavor and excitement in their leisure pursuits.

Insights from the Leaders of KFC and BGMI

Speaking about the collaboration, Aparna Bhawal, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India, said, “KFC is a brand with culture at its core. We’re always exploring distinctive, cutting-edge and culturally relevant partnerships. The idea for a collaboration with BGMI was born when we introduced KFC’s Lunch Specials recently. We thought gamers often celebrate a win with a ‘Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner,’ so why not give it a KFC twist, and do it over lunch? It’s an epic partnership, and we’re confident that our Gen-Z consumers are going to find it finger-clickin’ good!

Seddharth Merrotra, Head of Business Development at KRAFTON India, added “As gaming continues to captivate a growing audience in India, our collaboration with KFC brings an exciting opportunity for BGMI players to enjoy their favorite game alongside a delicious KFC meal. This partnership not only enhances the gaming experience but also underscores our commitment to creating unique, immersive experiences for our players. With BGMI and KFC being standout brands in their respective fields, uniting them goes beyond a mere partnership; it’s a memorable journey where every bite and every gaming moment come together to redefine how fans indulge in their favorite pastimes.”

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Conclusion: Redefining Leisure with KFC and BGMI

In essence, the KFC India and BGMI collaboration represents more than just a marketing venture; it symbolizes a seamless fusion of two beloved pastimes for a digitally native generation. By offering exclusive rewards that enrich gameplay and delight taste buds alike, this partnership sets a precedent for future integrations between food brands and digital entertainment platforms.

As India’s gaming community continues to flourish, initiatives like these pave the way for innovative engagements that resonate deeply with modern consumers. Through this partnership, KFC and BGMI not only cater to the evolving preferences of their audience but also redefine how fans indulge in their favorite pastimes, one Zinger Box and gaming session at a time.

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