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Kopiko Candy’s ‘Chaba’ Campaign Continues to Brew Magic with MS Dhoni

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Kopiko, the beloved coffee candy brand, has once again stirred excitement among fans with its latest ad featuring cricket legend MS Dhoni. Conceptualized by the innovative minds at Tribha, this campaign takes the audience on a delightful journey, blending Valentine’s week carnival ambiance with a captivating love story, all flavored with the irresistible charm of Kopiko.

Kopiko: “Kopiko Chaba, Idea Jagaa” Campaign

In the spotlight of this campaign is a visually stunning TV commercial that showcases the transformative power of real coffee. Set against the backdrop of a lively carnival, the ad captures the essence of Kopiko, portraying how it not only perks you up but also sparks instant ideas for smart solutions to tricky situations. The narrative skillfully weaves a romantic dilemma, leading to a delightful ‘Eureka’ moment, showcasing the magic that unfolds when one indulges in the unique taste of Kopiko.

MS Dhoni’s Enthusiasm

Cricket legend MS Dhoni, who plays a central role in the commercial, expressed his excitement about the creative concept. “Kopiko Chaba, Idea Jagaa” is the second TV commercial of the campaign, and Dhoni is confident that both his fans and Kopiko enthusiasts will appreciate the unique perspective it offers on the benefits of Kopiko. His new avatar in the film adds an extra layer of charm, making the commercial even more captivating for the audience.

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Mayora India’s Perspective

Achyut Kasireddy, the managing director of Mayora India, remarked, “Kopiko’s signature coffee taste lies at the heart of this campaign, weaving a tale of innocence, confusion, redemption, and love. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with the world, especially during the vibrant Valentine’s week. Kopiko is more than a delight for the taste buds; it’s a cherished companion in the journey of love and inspiration, igniting ideas that sweeten life’s moments.”

Tribha’s Creative Vision

Sonal Dabral, the founder of Tribha, who has conceptualized this creative, mentions, “Our first creative of the Kopiko ‘Chaba’ campaign focused on the benefit of ‘keeping you awake’. This new creative is its natural succession since it highlights the benefit of ‘inspiring new ideas’ once you are fully energized.”

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Wrapping up

As Kopiko’s ‘Chaba’ campaign continues to unfold with this enchanting new creative, it not only celebrates the brand’s signature taste but also emphasizes its role as a companion in the journey of love and inspiration. With MS Dhoni’s charismatic presence and Tribha’s creative brilliance, Kopiko’s latest campaign is set to resonate with audiences, leaving a lasting impression during the vibrant Valentine’s week and beyond.


Creative Mind -Sonal Dabral – Founder of Tribha

Production Team – Equinox Films Pvt Ltd (Nitin Parmar, MANOJ SHROFF , Rhea Prabhu):

Leadership & Marketing Teams of PT. Mayora Indah Tbk ( Ricky Afrianto, Neeraj Joshi & Ade FS ) &  MAYORA INDIA ( Achyut Kasireddy, Puja Nishad & Samir P): 

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