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Adidas Champions Overcoming Pressure in Latest Global Campaign

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Adidas, a leading global sports brand, has teamed up with neuro11, a group of sports neuroscientists, to address the common challenge of managing pressure in sports. The brand’s latest campaign brings together sporting icons from around the world to inspire everyday athletes to believe in their ability to overcome pressure and achieve their sporting goals.

Adidas Tackles Pressure with Neuroscientific Insights

Adidas has enlisted the expertise of neuro11, a team of sports neuroscientists, to provide practical guidance on how elite athletes handle pressure. By capturing brain readings from both grassroots and elite Adidas athletes, the campaign aims to showcase the mechanics of overcoming in-game pressure.

Global Campaign Rooted in Consumer Insights

Driven by feedback and insights from consumers worldwide, Adidas recognizes that negative pressure can impact the enjoyment of sports for many people. In response, the brand plans to release athlete stories, expert insights, and guidance materials throughout the campaign, offering support to athletes at all levels in disarming pressure.

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Iconic Athletes Unite in ‘You Got This’ Adidas Campaign

Adidas kicks off the campaign with a powerful film featuring sports icons like Pat Mahomes, Lionel Messi, Trinity Rodman, and others. Set to the iconic anthem ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen ft. David Bowie, the film highlights the weight of expectation on everyday athletes and the transformative power of the rallying cry ‘You Got This.’

Inspiration from Adidas’ Star-Studded Roster

The campaign showcases Adidas’ star-studded roster, including Jude Bellingham, Emily Malewski, and more, performing at their best during high-stakes sporting moments. Each athlete demonstrates how they handle pressure, inspiring everyday athletes to embrace challenges and believe in their capabilities.

Athlete Testimonials: ‘You Got This’ Adidas Campaign

Talking about pressure in his game, Rohit Sharma shared, “Challenges are part and parcel of an athlete’s life. These are opportunities to learn and grow. But converting challenges to opportunities takes a tremendous amount of will power and guts. You really need to push yourself and say, “You Got This.” I have had that attitude all my life and it has enabled me to manage pressure every time I am pushed out of my comfort zone.”

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Florian Alt, Adidas VP

Speaking on the brand campaign, Florian Alt, VP of Global Brand Comms at Adidas said: “In a year of unmissable sport, where our adidas family will undoubtedly inspire a new wave of athletes across the globe, we have created a campaign to help young players confront a universal barrier– pressure. Our new campaign is designed to help bring the joy back to sport and equip all athletes with a simple message; You got this.”


Adidas’ global campaign goes beyond promoting its products; it aims to make a positive impact on athletes worldwide by addressing the challenges of pressure in sports. With neuroscientific insights, inspiring athlete stories, and a unifying rallying cry, Adidas encourages athletes at all levels to embrace challenges and believe in their abilities – because, indeed, they’ve got this.

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