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Lifebuoy Encourages Hand Hygiene With ‘H For Handwashing Games’

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Lifebuoy, the leading germ protection soap brand, has partnered with Imagimake, a toy design company, to introduce a creative and engaging solution aimed at addressing declining handwashing rates in the post-COVID era. This innovative initiative, known as the ‘H for Handwashing Games,’ is scheduled to launch on Global Handwashing Day, which falls on October 15, 2023. These games are specifically designed to rekindle healthy hand hygiene habits among children and combat hygiene fatigue resulting from the pandemic.

A Fun Approach To Healthy Hand Hygiene Habits With Lifebuoy

The ‘H for Handwashing Games’ collection features four board games: “Germs & Ladders,” “Handwashing Ludo,” “Soap-Tac-Toe,” and “Lose the Germs,” tailored for Indian kids. These games not only entertain but also educate children about the importance of proper hand hygiene. They emphasize the different situations in which children should wash their hands with soap.

Innovatively, the initiative uses a reward system, including trophies and wristbands, to link hand hygiene habits with positive reinforcement. Also, at the end of each game, kids are encouraged to take a pledge to champion the habit of handwashing with soap, ensuring a lasting impact on their behavior beyond playtime.

State Governments Endorse Initiative To Reach Thousands of Children

This partnership has received significant support from the state governments of Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana. The games will be made available to students in state-run schools, with the aim of inspiring over 75,000 children in the region to adopt the habit of handwashing with soap for a healthier life.

Lifebuoy Encourages Hand Hygiene With 'H For Handwashing Games'

Disha Katharani, Co-Founder of Imagimake, highlights the power of play as a driver of learning and change, underlining the potential of these games to bring about meaningful improvements in hygiene habits.

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Kanwar Pal Gujjar’s thoughts

Sharing his thoughts on the initiative, Kanwar Pal Gujjar, minister of school education of Haryana, said, “Accha swasthya jivan ki asli punji hai. Jo bhi hum karna chahte hai jivan me uske liye humara accha swastha hona bahot zaruri hai. Usme ek bahot hi mahatvapurna ang hai humari haatho ki safai, kyuki bahot hi chhote jivanu humare haatho me chipke rehte hai aur hume unke baare me koi jaankari nahi hoti aur keval ek galti ke hum sahi tarike se apne haatho ko saaf nahi karte, khana khane se pehle nahi dhote nahi to uski vajah se hume bahot si bimariya ho sakti hai. Mein sabhi se nivedan karunga ki apne aap ko swasth rakhne ke liye nishchit taur se hum sab acche tarike se apne haath dhoye taki hum bimariyo se bach sake.” (Good health is the real capital of life. Whatever we want to do in life, it is very important for us to have good health. One of the most important aspects of it is to clean our hands, because there are so many tiny germs hiding in our hands. Often we have no idea about these germs and eat food without washing our hands properly leading to many diseases. I would request everyone to ensure that we wash our hands properly to keep ourselves healthy and avoid diseases.)

Madhusudan Rao on the Lifebuoy campaign launch

Madhusudhan Rao, executive director and general manager – South Asia (Beauty & Personal Care), Hindustan Unilever, said, “The H for Handwashing Games upholds our brand’s purpose and commitment to inspire and foster good hygiene habits that last a lifetime. The reimagined classic board games from India creatively addresses the hygiene fatigue and makes handwashing fun, exciting and a part of everyday play. We are confident that these games will reignite the relevance of handwashing among kids with help of one of the most powerful tools of learning – PLAY.”

Lifebuoy’s ‘H for Handwashing’ Movement Making A Lasting Impact

The ‘H for Handwashing’ movement, which began in 2020, has already impacted more than 12 million children from over 30,000 schools in 25 countries, promoting handwashing with soap as a fundamental practice for better health. Lifebuoy’s handwashing programs have reached vulnerable populations, underserved communities, and areas with limited access to proper hygiene facilities, reaching over 1 billion people to date.

This innovative partnership between Lifebuoy and Imagimake promises to make handwashing fun and engaging for children, instilling in them the lifelong habit of proper hand hygiene, ultimately contributing to improved public health.

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