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Livpure Uses ‘Elephant’ Metaphor in New Campaign Featuring Sachin Tendulkar

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Livpure, a leading consumer electronics brand in India, has launched a new television commercial (TVC) to introduce its innovative Livpure Allura Premia water purifier. This campaign, which features the iconic Sachin Tendulkar, cleverly uses an elephant as a metaphor to highlight the burdensome nature of maintaining a regular water purifier. Let’s dive into the details of this creative advertisement and its key messages.

The Creative Concept of Livpure: An Elephant as a Metaphor

The TVC opens with a man walking through various parts of the city, accompanied by an elephant. The sight of an elephant in urban settings naturally draws attention and prompts reactions from onlookers, who find the situation absurd and humorous. This unusual scenario sets the stage for a surprising reveal: the man was carrying a regular water purifier, symbolizing the unexpected and significant challenges of maintaining such a device.

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Introducing the Livpure Allura Premia

As the commercial progresses, the man’s wife expresses her disappointment with the cumbersome water purifier, mirroring common consumer frustrations. At this moment, Sachin Tendulkar enters the scene with a solution: the Livpure Allura Premia water purifier. Tendulkar highlights the product’s unique selling proposition—a 30-month free maintenance warranty—positioning it as a hassle-free alternative to traditional purifiers.

Key Features of Livpure Allura Premia

Advanced Filtration System

The Livpure Allura Premia boasts an advanced 10-stage filtration process, ensuring the complete removal of viruses and bacteria. This feature underscores the product’s commitment to providing safe and clean drinking water.

Copper and Alkaline Benefits

In addition to its comprehensive filtration system, the Allura Premia includes copper and alkaline features, which enhance the quality of the water, making it not only clean but also healthy and refreshing.

The TVC’s Clear Message

The TVC concludes with a powerful message: “Choose Livpure Allura Premia for a convenient and superior water purification experience, leaving the maintenance hassles behind.” This statement encapsulates the campaign’s primary objective—to showcase the Allura Premia as a user-friendly and reliable solution for water purification needs.

Rakesh Kaul’s Vision for Livpure

Commenting on the launch, Rakesh Kaul, managing director at Livpure, said, “At Livpure, we firmly believe that one’s access to clean water is everyone’s right. We strive for making water more inclusive and affordable to people at large. This is the reason why we developed the Livpure Allura Premia that comes with 30 months of free maintenance. It allows families to focus on what truly matters – enjoying the peace of mind that comes with pure, healthy drinking water for everyone in the household.”


Livpure’s latest TVC, featuring Sachin Tendulkar and a cleverly used elephant metaphor, effectively communicates the challenges of maintaining a regular water purifier and presents the Livpure Allura Premia as the ideal solution. With its advanced filtration system and impressive maintenance warranty, the Allura Premia promises a hassle-free, superior water purification experience, aligning perfectly with Livpure’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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