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Vi Launches “Be Someone’s We” to Combat the Silent Struggle of Empty Nesters

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Vi, a leading telecom operator, has launched the second installment of its heartfelt campaign, “Be Someone’s We,” focusing on combating loneliness among empty nesters. Timed to coincide with the ICC T20 World Cup, the campaign underscores how the power of connectivity can bring joy and alleviate feelings of isolation for seniors whose children have moved away.

The Challenge of Empty Nest Syndrome

Parents often feel a profound sense of emptiness when their children leave home, especially when moving to distant locations. This drastic shift from their familiar roles can be challenging, leading to feelings of purposelessness, sadness, and isolation. These emotions can significantly impact mental well-being, potentially leading to conditions like depression and anxiety.

Vi’s ‘Be Someone’s We’: Bridging the Emotional Gap

Vi’s ‘Be Someone’s We’ campaign highlights the crucial role of emotional connections for parents separated from their children by distance. By showcasing everyday scenarios, it demonstrates how a robust telecom network can bridge the emotional gap and provide companionship for empty nesters.

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Launch at the ICC T20 World Cup

This year’s campaign, spearheaded by Ogilvy, was launched during the ICC T20 World Cup with a debut film played during the Sri Lanka vs. South Africa match. The film, titled “Durga Puja,” taps into the emotions of empty nesters feeling lonely during festivities. It highlights the significant impact of simple gestures, such as a video call, in bringing parents closer to their children and making them feel cherished.

The Heartwarming Story of “Durga Puja”

The campaign’s story unfolds with parents talking to their son on a video call, expressing how much they miss him during Durga Puja. Suddenly, a delivery boy arrives with sweets sent by their son, along with a surprise. The father warmly hugs the delivery person, feeling his son’s presence from afar. Later, the parents enjoy the delicious sweets with their son over another video call, showcasing how technology can foster a sense of togetherness despite physical distances.

Vi’s Commitment to Connectivity

Vi’s “Be Someone’s We” campaign emphasizes the telecom industry’s vital role in connecting people and highlights Vi’s dedication to fostering connectivity. Avneesh Khosla, CMO of Vodafone Idea, remarked, “At Vi, we believe that true connectivity is about technology becoming an enabler of fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness. With this year’s ‘Be Someone’s We’ stories, we aim to bring attention to the empty nesters, who often face a profound sense of loneliness. We hope to encourage their loved ones to check on the parents, making them feel valued and connected in little ways that go a long way.”

The Conceptualization of the Vi’s ‘Be Someone’s We’ Campaign

Rohit Dubey, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy India, spoke about the conceptualization of the campaign: “To build ‘Be Someone’s Vi’ further, we took a more narrative-driven approach. While the initial stories were telegraphic, these stories delve deeper into the emotional landscapes of empty nesters. ‘Be Someone’s We’ is a heartfelt plea to society to reach out and bridge the emotional gaps. With this, we hope to evoke empathy and show how Vi’s network can be a lifeline in thriving meaningful relationships.”

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Multiplatform Campaign Reach

The campaign is set to run across multiple platforms, including TV and surround channels, digital, and retail. This widespread reach ensures that the message of connectivity and compassion touches as many lives as possible, encouraging everyone to take small steps to make a big difference in the lives of empty nesters.


Vi’s “Be Someone’s We” campaign beautifully captures the essence of connectivity, reminding us all of the power of small gestures in bridging emotional gaps. By highlighting the loneliness faced by empty nesters and showcasing how technology can bring families closer, Vi reinforces its commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and enhancing the quality of life for seniors.

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