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Ponds Durga Puja Campaign Showcases The Stories of 4 Women Sculptors

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Ponds Durga Puja campaign, #DuggaDuga, shines a spotlight on the often overlooked heroes. Through a touching series of films, it shares the incredible journeys of four women artists who craft stunning Durga idols for Kolkata’s Pujo pandals, tirelessly bringing out beauty and strength through the art of sculpture.

What Is Ponds Durga Puja Campaign

Ponds’ Durga Puja Campaign, #DuggaDugga, is a heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroines behind the grandeur of Durga Puja in Kolkata. It shines a light on the women sculptors who bring to life the divine image of Goddess Durga, showcasing their remarkable stories of determination and artistry. In a field where women sculptors are seldom seen, these artisans share their unique journeys, reflecting on how they found their calling and celebrating the festival as a space for joy, beauty, and devotion. To make these stories even more vivid, a captivating mural of Durga, featuring illustrations of four local sculptors, stands tall at Deshpriya Park in South Kolkata. This 32 x 32 ft. artwork serves as a portal to their narratives through QR codes, offering a deeper connection to the artists and their dedication in sculpting the beauty of Ma Durga for the festival. Ponds’ initiative not only celebrates their artistry but also empowers and recognizes the vital role of women in this cherished cultural tradition.

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Here Are The Stories of the 4 Women That Inspired the Campaign

1. Upasona Chatterjee, a Kolkata native, seemed destined to become an idol maker. Her journey began at her first Pujo celebration when she was entrusted with carving the idol, a pivotal moment that shifted the course of her life. In defiance of her parents’ wishes for a formal education, Upasona pursued art in college, driven by her passion. She expresses Durga Maa’s beauty with a delicate touch in her work, considering the goddess and her mother to be her most significant sources of inspiration and support.

2. Aditi Chakraborty‘s journey into the world of idol making was sparked during her visits to pandals with her husband, where she marveled at the breathtaking Durga idols. This experience ignited her artistic spirit, driving her to seek a creative outlet through crafting exquisite Durga idols. Aditi firmly believes that the eyes and face of the idol are the first features observed by pandal visitors, motivating her to invest extra effort in bringing out these subtle nuances in her work.

Her dedication to her craft is further enriched by the presence of her son, who was born with physical challenges. While working on her idols, Aditi always has her son by her side, and they share their cherished moments while listening to their favorite songs. Aditi channels the boundless happiness radiating from her son’s bright smile into the exquisite idols she creates, a constant source of inspiration that makes her feel uniquely precious in her artistic journey.

3. Suchana Samanta’s journey into the realm of idol making was heavily influenced by her father, Bimal Samanta, a renowned theme artist who specialized in creating Durga Pujo Pandals. After completing her secondary education, Suchana pursued her higher studies at Visva Bharati University. It was her father’s passion and expertise in the field that ignited her own interest in the profession. Recalling her earlier days, Suchana fondly remembers traveling back to Kolkata with great excitement, eager to assist her father in idol creation and decoration.

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Inspired by her father’s unwavering work ethic, Suchana, along with her dedicated team, invests relentless effort for three months leading up to the festival, ensuring that the entire event culminates in a spectacular and beautiful celebration. Her commitment to preserving and enhancing this cherished tradition speaks volumes about her dedication to the art and her father’s legacy.

4. Sumi Majumder embarked on her Durga Pujo journey in 2013, alongside her husband, united by their shared love and fervor for the festival. Collaboratively, they dedicated themselves to crafting exquisite idols. From her earliest days, Sumi’s deep-rooted passion for Pujo has been an integral part of her life. She firmly believes that her devotion and love for Durga Maa provide her with the inner strength to persevere through challenges, guided by her unwavering dedication and affection for the festival. This profound connection to the goddess and the tradition fuels her hard work and determination.


In conclusion, Ponds’ Durga Puja Campaign, #DuggaDugga, unveils the inspiring narratives of these four remarkable women sculptors – Upasona Chatterjee, Aditi Chakraborty, Suchana Samanta, and Sumi Majumder. These artists are not just creators of beautiful Durga idols but also bearers of incredible stories of determination, dedication, and unwavering passion for their craft. Their journeys, marked by family inspirations, personal beliefs, and boundless creativity, highlight the vital role of women in the celebration of Durga Puja. Ponds’ initiative not only celebrates their artistry but also empowers and recognizes these talented women, reminding us that the true beauty of the festival lies not only in the idols they craft but in the stories of resilience and devotion behind them.

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