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Pooja Didi Campaign by Facebook India

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An impactful addition to this year’s Diwali campaigns, Facebook’s ‘Pooja Didi’ narrative, whether in the form of a short film or an ad campaign, captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling. We delve into the creation process and the inspiration behind this resonant story with its creators.

Pooja Didi Campaign By Facebook India

Amidst the plethora of Diwali campaigns, Facebook’s ‘Pooja Didi’ story emerged as a standout, blending elements of impactful storytelling. We engage with the creators to explore the genesis of this compelling narrative.

Director’s Vision:

Director Amit Sharma emphasizes emotional resonance over hard-selling, reflecting his creative philosophy. His approach, evident in Facebook’s ‘Pooja Didi’ campaign, aligns with the brand’s ‘More Together’ ethos.

Plot Synopsis:

The film revolves around Pooja, a resilient 28-year-old sustaining households through her dairy venture amid the pandemic. Despite personal sacrifices, her story exemplifies the power of unity facilitated by Facebook.

Collaboration and Creativity:

Taproot Dentsu and Amit Sharma collaborate to infuse depth into the script, aiming for impact and societal resonance. The collaboration results in a narrative that strikes a chord with viewers.

Idea Conception:

The concept stems from societal challenges amidst the pandemic, driven by a desire to use social media for positive change. Sharma’s personal experiences further enrich the narrative.

Production Challenges:

Filming in Amritsar adds authenticity to the story, reflecting the community’s struggles and resilience. Sharma’s attention to detail and local casting enhance the film’s realism.

Authenticity and Localization:

Sharma’s incorporation of Punjabi elements and local casting lends authenticity, bolstered by a poignant soundtrack. Chrome Pictures’ seamless execution, including recreating lockdown scenes, adds depth to the storytelling.

Audience Reception:

The film’s resonance lies in portraying selflessness amidst adversity, resonating with viewers’ experiences. Its widespread acclaim underscores Facebook’s portrayal of compassion amidst crisis.

With 28 million YouTube views, ‘Pooja Didi’ garners praise for its compassionate portrayal, highlighting the humane side of society through relatable storytelling.


In conclusion, Facebook’s ‘Pooja Didi’ campaign encapsulates the spirit of compassion and resilience amidst adversity, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. Through powerful storytelling and authentic portrayal, the campaign underscores the potential for social media to drive positive change, leaving a lasting impact on viewers and reinforcing the importance of unity and selflessness in times of crisis.

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