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Razorpay collaborates with Gulshan Grover and Urvashi Dholakia for new campaign

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Razorpay, a comprehensive payments and banking platform catering to businesses, introduces a digital advertising initiative showcasing Bollywood icon Gulshan Grover and television star Urvashi Dholakia. The campaign unfolds across various social platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram.

Razorpay campaign featuring Gulshan Grover and Urvashi Dholakia

Razorpay Launches Digital Ad Campaign with Bollywood Stars

Razorpay, a versatile payments and banking platform tailored for businesses, unveils a new digital advertising campaign featuring Bollywood icons Gulshan Grover and Urvashi Dholakia. This campaign, presented on social platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram, aims to educate customers about the importance of security in digital transactions.

Building Awareness for Secure Digital Payments

Razorpay endeavors to raise awareness by educating customers about the risks and safety measures associated with digital payment transactions. The ad films, creatively crafted by Mumbai-based agency Tilt Brand Solutions, depict scenarios where customers express concerns about the security of their card details and the legitimacy of online businesses. Gulshan Grover and Urvashi Dholakia portray unethical business owners who exacerbate these insecurities.

Boosting Confidence with Razorpay Trust Marker

The pivotal moment in the ad unfolds when customers discover that businesses using Razorpay are safe and secure. The Razorpay trust marker, coupled with KYC verification, instills confidence in customers, empowering them to proceed with their online purchases.

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Tagline: “For Online Businesses to Win Trust”

Underlining the campaign is the tagline, “For online businesses to win trust, Razorpay Payment Gateway is a must.” It positions Razorpay as a ‘trust marker’ for businesses, emphasizing that those certified by Razorpay adhere to the highest standards of safety and security.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Apuarv Sethi

Commenting on the launch, Apuarv Sethi, senior VP, marketing, Razorpay said, “In a digital landscape where trust is the currency, Razorpay serves as the definitive ‘trust marker’ for businesses. This campaign aims to cultivate a profound sense of confidence, emphasising our commitment to providing a dependable and secure digital payment experience. It underscores our dedication to raising awareness about the critical significance of security in online transactions.”

“Drawing parallels between the safety measures in online transactions and the confidence Razorpay instills, each ad is a visual and narrative masterpiece with a unique twist, capturing attention, while underscoring the importance of a secure payment experience,” added Adarsh Atal, chief creative officer, TILT Brand Solutions.

Adarsh Atal

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In conclusion, Razorpay’s innovative digital ad campaign featuring Gulshan Grover and Urvashi Dholakia not only underscores the paramount importance of consumer security in the realm of digital transactions but also positions Razorpay as a trustworthy partner for businesses. The campaign, skillfully crafted by Tilt Brand Solutions, effectively communicates the message that Razorpay-certified businesses adhere to the highest standards of safety, providing customers with the confidence needed to embrace seamless and secure online transactions. As the fintech landscape evolves, Razorpay’s commitment to driving awareness and fostering a secure digital payment ecosystem emerges as a beacon for businesses seeking to build trust in the ever-expanding world of e-commerce.

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