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redBus Reveals Christmas Campaign #ChristmasTogether

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RedBus, an online platform for bus ticketing, has launched its annual initiative, the redBus Christmas Campaign, featuring #EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming. This advertisement strives to encapsulate the timeless spirit of Christmas, breaking down barriers and embracing the universal joy of the season.

RedBus Christmas Campaign

redBus, a prominent online bus ticketing platform, has introduced #EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming as a pivotal component of its annual initiative—the redBus Christmas Campaign. This advertising endeavor is meticulously crafted to embody the timeless essence of Christmas, transcending barriers and fostering a universal celebration.

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In this video, the delicate interplay of family, tradition, and cultural unity is skillfully woven into a captivating tapestry of storytelling. #EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming ventures beyond the customary Christmas film clichés, delving into the intricacies of familial bonds, cultural pluralism, and the transformative impact of reconnecting with one’s heritage.

Through this cinematic odyssey, redBus aims to stir contemplation among audiences regarding the significance of homecoming and the shared human experiences that bind us during the festive season. At the heart of the film are two central characters, Mr. Menon and his granddaughter Roshni, embarking on a poignant journey to rediscover their roots.

Mr. Menon, emblematic of a generation uprooted from its cultural origins, and Roshni, representing the younger generation navigating the complexities of modern urban life, collectively underscore the idea that Christmas finds its merriest celebration in a place the heart calls home.

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As the duo traverses from Bangalore to the picturesque landscapes of Mr. Menon’s hometown, the audience is taken on an emotionally resonant journey. The narrative artfully captures the dynamics between grandfather and granddaughter, highlighting the generational gap in their understanding of festive celebrations.

The film’s distinctive narrative thread is intricately woven with cultural diversity, showcasing the richness of Christmas traditions across different communities. From the lively streets of Fort Kochi to encounters with old friends from diverse backgrounds, the film accentuates the importance of embracing diversity and the unifying power of shared festivities to bring communities together.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Pallavi Chopra

Pallavi Chopra, CMO, redBus, said, “This isn’t just a film, it’s a strategic narrative that aligns seamlessly with redBus’s mission of connecting people and cultures across geographical boundaries. Just as redBus links travelers to destinations, the film links hearts through the universal themes of family, tradition and the power of shared cultural experiences.”


Production House: Sugar Shot Films

Executive Producer: Sandeep Sugumaran 

Creative Producer: Siddharth Vaidyanathan

Director: Chaitanya Menon

Producers: Vishnujith Varma & Sean Somanna 

DOP: Vivek Prem Singh


In essence, redBus’s #EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming, a pivotal facet of the annual redBus Christmas Campaign, emerges as a compelling narrative that transcends conventional holiday storytelling. Through the heartfelt journey of Mr. Menon and Roshni, the film beautifully encapsulates the universal spirit of Christmas, emphasizing the importance of homecoming and shared human experiences during this festive season. Beyond its role as an advertisement, #EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming serves as a poignant reminder of the unifying power of diversity, family, and tradition, urging viewers to reflect on the deeper meaning of Christmas and fostering connections that endure beyond the holiday season. As we approach this joyous time, redBus invites us all to embark on a heartwarming journey that celebrates the essence of #EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming.

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