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Babil Khan and Kritika Khurana Lead the Charge in Gap India’s ‘Timeless Icons’ Campaign

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Gap India has recently unveiled its latest Holiday campaign, ‘Timeless Icons,’ featuring Bollywood actor Babil Khan and social media creator Kritika Khurana. This dynamic campaign celebrates self-expression, identity, and personal style through an unfiltered brand film, showcasing the individual journeys of these two talented trailblazers.

Babil Khan and Kritika Khurana in ‘Timeless Icons’

Babil Khan and Kritika Khurana Lead  the Charge in Gap India's 'Timeless Icons' Campaign

The ‘Timeless Icons’ campaign puts a spotlight on the essence of individuality, with Babil Khan and Kritika Khurana embodying the spirit of the brand. Both being gifted and young trailblazers, they use fashion as a medium to narrate their unique stories. Gap, known for its iconic status, aligns seamlessly with the authenticity that both these influencers bring to the table.

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Gap’s Global Holiday Campaign

This local campaign is an extension of Gap’s global holiday campaign, which emphasizes the gift of self-expression. The brand encourages people to embrace their true selves during the festive season, resonating with Gap’s commitment to authenticity and inclusivity.

Gap India: The ‘Timeless Icons’ Brand Film

The heart of the campaign lies in the unfiltered brand film featuring Babil Khan and Kritika Khurana. The film captures the essence of self-expression, identity, and personal style, weaving a narrative that goes beyond fashion and delves into the unique stories of these two personalities. The collaboration with Gap signifies a meeting of minds, as both Khan and Khurana share a commitment to authenticity and staying true to their roots.

Babil Khan’s Perspective

Expressing his thoughts on the collaboration, Babil Khan said, “Gap is an iconic brand, and partnering with them for their new Timeless Icons campaign was a meeting of minds. Gap has always embodied authenticity, a core pillar of how I lead my life. Gap stays true to their roots with every campaign and new product they launch, and coming together on this campaign was the perfect synergy.”

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Let’s wrap up

Gap India’s ‘Timeless Icons’ campaign is more than a showcase of fashionable ensembles; it’s a celebration of self-expression, identity, and personal style. With Babil Khan and Kritika Khurana at the forefront, the campaign encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness during the holiday season. As we navigate through the festivities, let’s draw inspiration from these ‘Timeless Icons’ and make a statement with our authentic selves, mirroring the ethos of Gap’s iconic brand.

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