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Schbang Features Jehan Daruvala in Horlicks Ad Without His Presence

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In the world of marketing, where technology and innovation collide, India’s ‘jugaad’ spirit often leads to ingenious solutions. Recently, a prime example emerged when Schbang collaborated with Horlicks, showcasing how this blend of Indian resourcefulness and cutting-edge technology can reshape advertising narratives.

Horlicks Campaign by Schbang:

Schbang’s campaign aimed to highlight the importance of nurturing children’s curiosity, with racing driver Jehan Daruvala as its face. However, Daruvala’s unavailability posed a challenge. Undeterred, the agency turned to face-swapping technology as a last-minute solution. By obtaining permissions from Daruvala and the brand, they embarked on a journey to creatively overcome the obstacle.

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Abhimanyu Balasubramanyam’s views on Horlicks campaign:

Speaking about the campaign and what went behind the scenes, Abhimanyu Balasubramanyam, producer and creative director at Schbang says, the campaign’s intent was to let the parents know the importance of children’s curiosity and why they should let it play out.

“During our research for the campaign, racing came out as one of the most aspiring career opportunities among the young generation. So Jehan Daruvala came up as the obvious name to be associated with the campaign.”

“However, we learnt of his unavailability but were able to fix it with a last-minute solution,” says the creative director.

Balasubramanyam further explains that because the process is not the norm yet, it required getting a lot of permissions from Daruvala as well as the brand. He adds that the brand (Horlicks) also took some time to figure out the solution however, were finally on board.

“We found a photographer who used to be an ex-employee who could go to London and just take photos of Jehan Daruwala. We then used these photos to morph and do a green screen shoot with a body double  (actor) and interchanged the faces. So it wasn’t planned from the get-go but we figured it out as a quick solution. The film was produced by Schbang’s in-house production house and we tied up with famous studios for this.”

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Responsible Use of Technology:

While acknowledging the benefits of technology, Balasubramanyam emphasizes the irreplaceable essence of human personality in filmmaking. He cites examples like SRK, whose charisma transcends mere visuals. The message is clear: technology should complement, not overshadow, human creativity.


The Schbang campaign serves as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between technology and creativity. It underscores the importance of responsible innovation, where technological advancements are harnessed ethically and with consideration for all stakeholders. As the advertising and marketing industries continue to embrace technological progress, let us remember the imperative of using it responsibly to foster genuine connections with audiences and respect for the individuals involved.

Campaign Credits:

Brand: HUL
Production House: Schbang Motion Pictures
Director: Ashwath Ram
DOP: Harshvir Oberoi
DOP (studio shoot): Sujay Pawar
Executive Producer: Rachaita Vyas
Associate Producer: Nikav Bharucha
Line Production: Motionbulls
Production Design: Redcube Design Studio (Swapnil Kenny)
Costume Stylist: Vidhi Gurnani
Music Director: The Jamroom (Rahul Pais)
Editor: Naxie
Colourist: Christian Leiva
Online: After Studios
CGI and Face Swapping: Famous Studios
Body Double: Aashay

Agency: Schbang
EVP: Aayush Vyas
Creative Director: Abhimanyu Balasubramanyam
Creative Team: Simran Kulkarni, Inshirah Kazi
Client Servicing Team: Archana Goyal and Nishchaya Sadhwani

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