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Quaker new ad film talks about the reason behind child malnutrition

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As a leading player in the oats segment, Quaker emphasizes nutrition. Their ‘Bowl of Growth’ initiative addresses child malnutrition through three key pillars providing nutrition to children aged 3 to 5, educating parents/caregivers, and spreading community awareness. Launched in pre-identified rural blocks in Pune, Maharashtra, this special nutrition-focused program is complemented by an ad film campaign to raise awareness.

What is Quaker new ad film about Child Malnutrition

About Campaign

Quaker, a key player in the oats industry, is synonymous with nutrition. Their ‘Bowl of Growth’ initiative tackles child malnutrition through three essential components: providing nourishment to children aged 3 to 5, educating parents/caregivers, and raising community awareness.

Program Launch

In response to the pressing issue of malnutrition, Quaker introduced a specialized nutrition program in rural areas of Pune, Maharashtra. This initiative aims to combat child malnutrition effectively.

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Community Engagement

To enhance community awareness, Quaker has launched its inaugural long-format ad film, ‘Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati’. This emotionally captivating narrative not only addresses child nutrition needs but also integrates elements of ethnicity and culture to establish a profound connection with the audience.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Quaker new ad film talks about the reason behind child malnutrition
Sravani Babu

In her remarks on the launch, Sravani Babu, associate director, and category lead – Quaker, PepsiCo India, said, “Quaker’s endeavour to fight against malnutrition started last year when we partnered with Mamta and government of Maharashtra to launch Quaker Bowl of Growth Program in Pune. We have embedded cultural elements from the very start, whether in the form of Panjiri, the food served at anganwadis to the children or driving awareness through an age-old ritual, to echo with the community. This short film is yet another leg of spreading awareness delving into the critical importance of nutrition through the lens of a child concerned about his yet-to-be born sibling’s well-being.”

Vikram Pandey (Spiky), national creative director, Leo Burnett India underscored, “Quaker is one of those few brands that don’t just talk about brand purpose, but also walk the talk. Quaker Bowl of Growth is a fantastic program and needed a heart-warming story to capture its importance. We found that in the cultural ritual of ‘Dohale Jevan’, our film depicts the importance of nutrition, through the eyes of a child who is struggling with it himself and is worried for his yet-to-be-born sibling.”

Quaker new ad film talks about the reason behind child malnutrition
Vikram Pandey

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In conclusion, Quaker unwavering commitment to nutrition, exemplified through its ‘Bowl of Growth’ initiative and reinforced by the launch of the poignant ad film ‘Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati’, underscores its dedication to addressing the critical issue of child malnutrition. By providing nourishment, educating caregivers, and fostering community awareness, Quaker not only addresses immediate nutritional needs but also embraces cultural nuances to forge a lasting connection with its audience. This holistic approach signifies a significant step forward in combating malnutrition and promoting a healthier future for children in rural areas of Pune, Maharashtra, and beyond.

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