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Smallcase new digital campaign reverses the roles of kids and adults to teach smart investing.

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“Why are your marks less than Sharma ji’s son”, “Why are you always keep fighting”, and “Why your principal always complains about you!”, Did you get nostalgic reading these statements? We all have heard such statements from our parents as a kid and most of us used to think, “what if our parents will be scolded like this, how will they feel?” Smallcase understood this feeling very well and curated a whole campaign around it where you can see the Role Reverse character of father-son.

Smallcase is a platform for retail investors that offers portfolio diversification as an in-built feature. They came up with their new digital campaign that is built on the foundation of encouraging consumers to invest in business portfolios via Smallcase.

A very unique concept was conceptualized by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and Puneet Chadha and directed by Ryan Mendonca to configure this campaign in the wittiest yet relatable way possible.

They created two ad films, in one of them we can see a child arguing with another child where he’s accusing the other child to ask his father to stay away from his father (just the way parents ask their kids to stay away from notorious kids) claiming that his father have useless stocks to invest, and we can see father character standing scared in a corner while getting scolded. Then there comes the most bridge-building line of the whole campaign “Uncle samajh ke Maaf kar do”. We can see here how the kids are portrayed as adult characters and talk about investments and stocks through smallcase.

The main objective behind this campaign was to show that selecting ready-made portfolios from smallcase is very easy and simple, they portrayed this ideology by showcasing kids in adult roles metaphorically.

Another film was designed in the atmosphere of the school’s parent-teacher meetings (PTM) where the child, name Chintu is seen in the PTM of his father. The principal is complaining to Chintu about his father’s low performance in stock portfolios and Chintu is seen scolding his father exactly the same way, parents cold their kids with one of the legendry lines, “Sab kuwe mein kudenge to kya tum bhi kudoge ?” (If everyone jumps into the well, will you also jump?”). The film sums up by highlighting how smallcase decreases the pressure of trading and selecting stocks and provides you with optimal stock.

This campaign went live during Shark Tank Season 2 on Sony LIV, which is co-powered by smallcase. The campaign is loved by viewers whether on social media or Television. People find this creative very innovative and mindful and praise the entire creative team for introducing such an innovative, fun but also informative ad film to them. Smallcase posted these ad films to their social media like Instagram and YouTube and within a few minutes of posting, their comment section flooded with such comments: –

Aniket Thakkar, Vice President – Marketing at smallcase, said, “We are very happy with the way the creative films have turned out. Right from the first draft of the script to the last detail added to the production table, everything clicked right away with these films. We hope our users and audiences will appreciate the humor and the underlying message.”

Puneet Chadha said, “Financial behavior is one aspect where most adults still haven’t grown up. We still repeat the same childish mistakes every year. To portray the same, we used the creative device of role reversal and offer a small case as the solution. the small case is one of the few brands which gives us a lot of freedom to explore creativity and humor in their brand films and that shows in the final creatives. Very happy with how they have turned out.”

The Film was gone live with Shark Tank Season 2 to achieve a huge quantity of investors who can contribute their skills and knowledge to the booming entrepreneurship and equity culture in India. Tanmay Bhatt and the team have also come up with unique creative for the Shark tank as well. One of its creatives was also covered by Agency Masala which you can find here: –

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