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Tata Neu Partners with Schbang for #RuknaKyun Campaign in Tata IPL

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Cricket fans, get ready to celebrate endlessly this IPL season! Tata Neu, the associate partner sponsor, has launched the #RuknaKyun campaign in collaboration with Schbang Motion Pictures, promising an unparalleled cricket experience.

Tata Neu : A Shop for Every IPL Fan’s Desires

The brand Tata Neu positions itself as the ultimate shop for everything an IPL fan could want. From big-screen TVs for the perfect viewing experience to stylish match outfits, travel bookings to watch your favorite team live, and 5% NeuCoins as rewards on every purchase, Tata Neu provides endless reasons to celebrate. The campaign’s message, “Why stop?” or #RuknaKyun, asks fans to continue celebrating every moment this IPL season with Tata Neu.

Building Pre-Buzz with Influencer Challenges

To generate excitement ahead of the campaign launch, Tata Neu collaborated with influencers such as Aatman Desai, Unnati Malharkar, Rochelle Rao, Tejas Patil, and Vogue Vanity. In a series of humorous videos, these creators faced comedic challenges as they tried to produce their usual content amidst the IPL excitement. The videos cleverly concluded with a “pause” in their typical routines, setting up the campaign’s core message: a shift from the ordinary to a celebration of the extraordinary.

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#RuknaKyun campaign: The Music Video

In addition to the pre-buzz videos, Tata Neu partnered with Schbang Motion Pictures to create a vibrant music video. This video featured the same creators in a category swap, symbolizing the endless celebration of the IPL season. The dynamic soundtrack perfectly captured the festive mood, energizing viewers and reinforcing the campaign’s message of continuous celebration.

Sushant Vithaldas on the #RuknaKyun Campaign

Sushant Vithaldas, head of business operations at Schbang Bangalore, expressed his excitement about the campaign: “As the Tata IPL season unfolds, Tata Neu’s #RuknaKyun campaign emerges as a beacon of boundless celebration nationwide. At Schbang, we’re happy to have played a pivotal role in crafting this electrifying campaign, pushing the boundaries of creativity and engagement. Through innovative storytelling and dynamic collaborations, we’ve woven a tapestry of excitement that resonates deeply with fans across the country.”

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Embracing the IPL Season with Tata Neu

As the IPL season reaches its peak, Tata Neu’s #RuknaKyun campaign brings a wave of celebration across the nation. This initiative not only enhances the campaign’s visibility but also underscores Tata Neu’s commitment to delivering diverse, quality experiences that resonate with fans’ lifestyles and passions. Whether you’re watching from home or the stands, the brand ensures that every moment of the IPL is filled with excitement and engagement.


Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this electrifying celebration! Download the Tata Neu app today, explore their extensive selection of IPL-related products and experiences, and join the #RuknaKyun movement on social media. With Tata Neu by your side, you can turn every IPL match into an unforgettable moment filled with excitement, exclusive rewards, and endless cricket fun. So gear up, cricket fans, and let the #RuknaKyun celebrations begin!


  • Production House- Schbang Motion Pictures
  • Director- Kushzraj Mehra
  • Head of Production- Rachaita Vyas
  • Associate Producer- Gulnaz Siganporia
  • DOP- Dhruv Lapsia
  • Music Director- Adith Anande (Schbang 808)
  • Singer- Anway Gangwane
  • Agency Producer- Anurag Gawde
  • Production Design- Anandi Menon
  • DA- Rahul Hansraj Editor- Vishnu Prasad
  • Online Artist- Akshit Gala
  • Line Production- OMG Productions

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