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The window of Love: Fenesta Emotional Campaign Celebrates 20 Years of Care

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Fenesta, the popular windows and doors brand, is celebrating a major milestone: its 20th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Fenesta has launched a new campaign called ‘Bees saal, tumhaara khayal’ that has been released across digital platforms. The campaign’s aim is to strike an emotional chord with customers by showcasing the evolution of a father-daughter relationship over time. The film features a quirky and heartwarming portrayal of the bond between a father and his daughter and the role that Fenesta’s products play in their lives. The film features an emotional and heartwarming portrayal of the bond between a father and his daughter and the role that Fenesta’s window plays a very crucial role. Fenesta Fenesta Fenesta Fenesta

Conceptualized by Titus Upputuru, “Bees saal, tumhaara khayal” celebrates the brand’s 20th anniversary by showcasing its journey with customers and emphasizing its dedication to providing top-notch products and services. The campaign’s digital video portrays a heartwarming 20-year journey of a father and daughter, capturing the brand’s essence as an integral part of its customers’ lives. The objective of the campaign is to express gratitude and commemorate the long-standing relationship between Fenesta and its customers. Fenesta Fenesta Fenesta

The heartwarming digital film captures the touching bond between a father and daughter as they navigate through the different stages of life. From the little girl eagerly waiting for her father’s return from work to a teenager lost in a conversation with a boy, the film portrays the evolving relationship over the years. Whether she was a young child or a teenager, the father remained a constant presence in her life, and the Fenesta brand was also there, providing exceptional products and services that have been a part of their lives for the past 20 years. The different stages of the daughter’s life are interspersed with glimpses of the father’s unwavering love and care, from waiting for her to return from school as a little girl to support her as a young professional. The film beautifully captures the brand’s commitment to its customers and their journey together.

The song’s lyrics beautifully depict the essence of the father-daughter relationship and offer a profound insight into human connections. They highlight how waiting plays a crucial role in love, especially when it comes to the bond between a parent and a child. The lyrics evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia, making the audience feel emotionally connected to the story being told in the film. Overall, the campaign succeeds in capturing the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional products and services that foster long-lasting relationships with its customers.

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Susmita Nag, CMO, Fenesta Building Systems, said, “20 years is a huge milestone for Fenesta. Fenesta has been a brand which has been built with a commitment to serve customers the best windows and doors solutions and services. To celebrate this anniversary, we are excited to present this heart-warming tale of a father-daughter relationship that has been captured through our windows. Fenesta windows have always been the protector and the eyes to the outside world, and this ad beautifully showcases how they can also be the witness to life’s most precious moments.”

Santanu and Joydeep, producers of the film, said, “When we got the brief our challenge was to create an authoritative positioning of the brand showcasing the 20 years legacy in a minute’s duration, none other than Titus could we think of to appoint as the creator of the content. Talent aggregation as we call it was the key to crack the project”

Titus Upputuru, the writer and director behind the film, said, “It was a wonderful privilege to do this film for Fenesta. 20 years is a long time and Fenesta is part of Indian fabric for two decades now. When we started thinking about the role that a window plays in our life, we realised it is not just to provide a view. The emotional attachment that we all have with our windows is so much more. We have all waited for standing by the window and life is a lot about waiting too. We wanted to capture this insight. The film celebrates this idea capturing the enduring relationship between Fenesta and the Indian consumer through the father-daughter metaphor, showing different ways the relationship evolves over time. It was a challenge to create twenty years in the space of two minutes, showing different times and seasons but as always God helped.”

Emotional advertising is like a warm hug from a brand. It’s that feeling of connection that makes you want to run out and buy their product. From heartwarming father-daughter relationships to tear-cry stories of love and sacrifice, emotional advertising hits us right in the feels. And it’s not just about tugging at heartstrings – emotions like humor and nostalgia can also be used to great effect. By tapping into our deepest feelings and desires, emotional ads create a bond with consumers that goes beyond just the product itself. So the next time you find yourself tearing up at a commercial, remember – it’s not just the onions in your kitchen, it’s the power of emotional marketing at work.

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