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Vicks Unveils Roll-On Headache Relief with a Fun Campaign

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With a rich history spanning 125 years, Vicks, a renowned cough and cold brand, persists in innovating to support familial care. Introducing the latest Vicks Roll-On, the brand’s third innovation in India within a year, following the Vicks ZzzQuil Natura and Vicks VapoRub Steam Pods. Discover more about the Vicks Roll-On campaign.

Vicks launched their new product Roll-on with a quirky campaign

Brand Introduction

Vicks, a trusted name in cough and cold relief with a heritage spanning over 125 years, remains committed to innovation. The brand aims to provide products that foster care among families and friends.

Product Launch and Innovations

Vicks recently unveiled its latest offering, the Vicks Roll-On, designed for swift headache relief. This marks the brand’s third innovation in India within the past 12 months, following the successful launches of Vicks ZzzQuil Natura and Vicks VapoRub Steam Pods, the latter being its pioneering steam inhalation capsules globally.

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Campaign Introduction

The launch of the Vicks Roll-On was accompanied by an engaging television commercial, themed ‘Jeb mein Vicks toh sardard fix.’ The ad illustrates the inconvenience of a sudden headache, featuring a scientist whose celebratory moment is dampened by head pain. However, with the quick application of Vicks Roll-On, relief is achieved, allowing the protagonist to embrace his success.

To ensure convenience for consumers, the Vicks Roll-On is accompanied by the iconic Vicks key chain. This practical addition enables users to carry their headache relief solution wherever and whenever needed, empowering them to tackle discomfort on the go.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Vicks Unveils Roll-On Headache Relief with a Fun Campaign
Sahil Sethi

Sahil Sethi, category leader, Consumer Healthcare, P&G India, “Vicks has helped relieve cough, cold, and flu symptoms for generations of Indians. We stay committed to build on this legacy by always listening to what our consumers need and incorporating these insights across our product formulations and packaging. With our New Vicks Roll-On, we are proud to introduce a fast and on-the-go relief for headaches that often accompany cough and cold symptoms. Headaches can affect people at any time, causing discomfort and impacting the ability to carry on with daily tasks. Especially designed for our Indian consumers, the new Vicks Roll-On offers Fast Action in just 2 minutes, it comes with a roller ball technology and non-greasy formula that allows for on-the-go headache relief.”

According to Jaspreet Kochhar, director, Vicks Research & Development, “The New Vicks Roll-On is a superior product formula containing high strength Ayurvedic ingredients like Pudinah (Menthol) and Karpoor (Camphor), formulated to meet the needs of Indian consumers. It is especially designed to provide swift, effective, and on-the-go solution for those unexpected moments when a headache threatens to derail your day. The packaging is unique with it being the first roll on with a key chain, to provide convenience and portability to solve for those moments when one needs it the most. This roll-on product has a pleasing and well loved Vicks aroma making it useable even when outside home.”

Vicks Unveils Roll-On Headache Relief with a Fun Campaign
Jaspreet Kochhar


In conclusion, Vicks continues to uphold its legacy of innovation by introducing the Vicks Roll-On, a timely solution for fast headache relief. With a commitment to caring for families and friends, the brand’s latest offering, accompanied by a quirky and relatable television commercial, embodies convenience and effectiveness. As Vicks expands its product line to address diverse health needs, its dedication to providing accessible and reliable solutions remains unwavering, ensuring that relief is always within reach for consumers worldwide.

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